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  Code Man. Name Description Price Buy
9088 Roland R2PAC2 2 Prong AC Cable (round end) for JV1000/JD990/FP1 etc. $10.95
9112 Roland CGKS Guitar to mini jack cable for GK-Pickup, straight $12.95
11168 Yamaha PA-130 Energy Saving Yamaha AC Adapter $14.99
21607 Korg KA193 AC adaptor For Kaossilator, KP1, PX4, PX4B and PXR4 - 4.5 volts $16.95
21174 Mutec AC5 AC Adapter for Casio Keyboards $18.95
71596 Casio AD-E95100 AC Adapter / Power Supply for Casio Keyboards $19.95
31028 Korg KA183 (A30950) AC adaptor For AX10, AX100, OT12, Microkorgs ect.. $21.95
42091 Alesis P2 - Male Pin Power Supply Vintage Power Adapter with Male End $24.95
30127 Casio AD-5MR Regulated AC Adapter for Casio Keyboards $24.95
43146 Yamaha PA150 Energy Saving Power Supply for Yamaha Portable Keyboards $24.95
71597 Casio AD12 Power Supply AC Adapter $27.95
27379 Alesis P3 Power Supply AC adaptor for Nano/Micro/HR16/SR16/Midiverb/MEQ230 $28.95
68226 Korg KA-350 Power Supply 1700mA Power Supply for Volca Monotribe and KAOSS Pad $29.95
24732 Roland BRA-120 Power Supply for DR-660, DS-330, ME-6, MX-10, SC-33, SPD-11, TD-5, TU-50 $29.95
20638 Roland BRC120 Power Supply AC adaptor for DR770, SP505, VF-1, GR-33, JS5, GT6, GT3 $29.95
69346 Korg KA-310 12-Volt Power Supply $34.95
71598 Casio AD-A12150 AC Adapter for Casio Keyboards $34.95
61554 Korg T502ND (203036) AC Adapter for Korg KP-1, X5D, and X5DR Keyboards $34.95
6410 Yamaha PA5D Yamaha Power Adapter for Portable Keyboards and Digital Drums $34.95
9100 Roland PSB-120 (same as PSB-1U) Power Supply for CM300/500/ep7mkII/9/707/ JV/JW50/MV30/W50 $34.95
9092 Roland ACB-120 Power Supply for CM32/64/CS10/MT32/MT100/PR100 $35.00
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