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Code Man. Name Description Price Buy
69155 Whirlwind Mini 12 50Ft. 12-Channel Low Profile Audio Drop Snakes $319.95 Order
44534 Whirlwind DIRECT4 4 Channel Pro Direct Box $269.99 Order
69154 Whirlwind Mini 12 25Ft. 12-Channel Low Profile Audio Drop Snakes $249.95 Order
68364 Whirlwind OC BASS Optical Bass Compressor Pedal $249.00 Order
69158 Whirlwind Mini 6 50Ft. 6-Channel Low Profile Audio Drop Snakes $209.95 Order
69157 Whirlwind Mini 6 25Ft. 6-Channel 25ft Low Profile Medusa Audio Drop Snakes $189.95 Order
20280 Whirlwind QBOX All-in-one Audio Line Tester $189.00 Order
69910 Whirlwind pcUSB USB to Analog Stereo Direct Box $169.99 Order
63913 Whirlwind MICPOWER-2 2 Channel Phantom Power Supply $149.99 Order
69156 Whirlwind Mini 6 15Ft. 6-Channel Low Profile Audio Drop Snakes $149.95 Order
6960 Whirlwind pcDI Stereo PC Direct Box for Interfacing Outputs CD Players, Sound Cards, iPod MP3 Players $144.00 Order
68366 Whirlwind IMP JT Passive Direct Box Featuring a Jensen Transformer $139.95 Order
60712 Whirlwind Rochester Series Red Box Guitar Pedal Vintage-styled Handwired Compressor Pedal $139.00 Order
60711 Whirlwind Rochester Series Orange Box Guitar Pedal Vintage-styled Handwired Phaser Effects Pedal $129.99 Order
60710 Whirlwind Rochester Series Gold Box Distortion Guitar Pedal Vintage-styled Handwired Distortion Effects Pedal $119.99 Order
44535 Whirlwind DIRECT2 2 Channel Direct Box $119.95 Order
24142 Whirlwind Imp Combiner Microphone Combines Two Mic Lines Into One $119.00 Order
68367 Whirlwind Director Plus Deluxe Direct Box $115.95 Order
31449 Whirlwind IMP 1X3 1x3 Blanced Mic Splitter $113.00 Order
62963 Whirlwind The Bomb 26dB Boost Guitar Pedal $99.99 Order
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