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Code Man. Name Description Price Buy
19951 TC Electronic Reverb 4000 Professional Reverb Processor. $2,735.00 Order
2418 TC Electronic Finalizer 96kHz Studio Mastering Processor $2,550.00 Order
2421 TC Electronic Gold Channel Mic to Digital Processor/Preamp $1,999.00 Order
2419 TC Electronic Fireworx Digital multi-effect processor $1,619.00 Order
2414 TC Electronic M3000 Professional Reverb Processor $1,610.00 Order
27995 TC Electronic G System V2 - Integrated Guitar Effects & Controller Incredible Effects PLUS loops, amp switching, floor control, and routing system $1,599.00 Order
43800 TC Electronic PowerCore X8 Native DSP Power Core PCI Express $1,499.00 Order
31345 TC Electronic Restoration Suite 2.0 Restore vintage or otherwise damaged recordings $1,199.00 Order
3105 TC Electronic M2000 24-Bit Studio Effects Processor $1,079.00 Order
44950 TC Electronic Studio Konnekt 48 (with remote) Pro FireWire Rackmount Audio Interface $999.00 Order
43469 TC Electronic Studio Konnekt 48 (w/o remote) Pro FireWire Rackmount Audio Interface $799.00 Order
31100 TC Electronic Powercore PCI MKII Powercore PCI mkII DSP Card. Includes 14 Processing Pluggins $699.00 Order
43466 TC Electronic G-Natural Acoustic Guitar Processor Pedal $699.00 Order
72258 TC Electronic BH800 TonePrint Enabled 800-Watt Head $599.99 Order
68310 TC Electronic BG250-210 Toneprint 250-Watt 2x10 Ultra-Portable Bass Guitar Amplifer $499.99 Order
72257 TC Electronic BH550 TonePrint Enabled 550-Watt Bass Head $499.99 Order
45206 TC Electronic BMC-2 HD DAC and Monitor Controller $499.00 Order
68309 TC Electronic BG250-208 Toneprint 250-Watt Ultra-Portable Bass Guitar Amplifer $479.00 Order
68308 TC Electronic BG250-115 Toneprint 250-Watt Ultra-Portable Bass Guitar Amplifer $399.99 Order
25123 TC Electronic Nova System Open Box Multi-Effects Guitar Pedal $395.00 Order
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