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Code Man. Name Description Price Buy
69591 Rotosound The Aftermath Delay Delay Guitar Effects Pedal $199.00 Order
69589 Rotosound The Wobbler Tremolo Tremolo Guitar Effects Pedal $189.00 Order
69593 Rotosound The Crusader Chorus Chorus Guitar Effects Pedal $179.00 Order
69590 Rotosound The King Henry Phaser Phaser Guitar Effects Pedal $179.00 Order
69592 Rotosound The Pusher Compressor Compressor Guitar Effects Pedal $179.00 Order
45679 Rotosound RS885LD Long Scale Black Nylon Flatwound Standard Gauge Bass Strings $44.95 Order
62104 Rotosound RS77S Short Scale Short Scale Jazz Bass Strings $41.95 Order
77222 Rotosound SH77 Steve Harris Signature Set Stainless Steel Bass Guitar Strings 45-105 $37.99 Order
61653 Rotosound RS77LD Jazz Bass Strings Jazz Bass Monel Electric Bass 4 String Set (45-105) $35.95 Order
61650 Rotosound RS88LD Trubass Long Scale Black Nylon Flatwound Standard Gauge Bass Strings $31.95 Order
62103 Rotosound RS88S Black Nylon Black Nylon Flatwound Short Bass Strings $29.95 Order
77219 Rotosound RS666LD Swing Bass Stainless Steel 6-String Bass Strings 35-130 $29.95 Order
62105 Rotosound RS55LD Solo Bass Stainless Steel Strings $29.95 Order
77218 Rotosound RB40-5 Roto Bass 5-String Bass Strings $24.99 Order
62102 Rotosound RS665LD Long Scale Swing Bass 5-Strings 45-130 $24.95 Order
61652 Rotosound RS 44LD Bronze Bass Long Scale Standard Gauge Bronze Roundwound Bass Strings $24.95 Order
71343 Rotosound BS66 Swing Bass 66 Stainless Steel Bass Guitar Strings $21.95 Order
11204 Rotosound RS66LD Swing Bass Med 45-105 Roundwound 4-String Bass Strings $21.95 Order
77220 Rotosound RS66LE Swing Bass 66 Stainless Steel Bass Guitar Strings 50-110 $19.95 Order
62101 Rotosound RS66LC Long Scale Swing Bass Guitar Strings 40-95 $19.95 Order
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