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Code Man. Name Description Price Buy
31249 Radial JD7 Injector Guitar Signal Distribution System $1,099.99 Order
31248 Radial JD6 6-Channel Rackmount Passive Direct Box $899.99 Order
65559 Radial Firefly 2 Channel Discrete Class A Tube Direct Box $599.99 Order
73686 Radial JDV Mk5 Super Direct Box $449.99 Order
63090 Radial JDI Duplex MK4 Pro Stereo Direct Box $349.99 Order
72344 Radial Decoder Mid/Side Matrix and Mic Preamp $349.99 Order
70129 Radial BASSBONE OD 2-Channel Bass Preamp with Overdrive $349.99 Order
63085 Radial JDV MK3 Class-A Pro Direct Box $329.99 Order
71907 Radial J48 Stereo Phantom Powered Active Stereo Direct Box $299.99 Order
72342 Radial JDI Stereo Passive Stereo Direct Box $299.99 Order
42651 Radial Tonebone - Plexitube Tube Distortion Pedal $299.99 Order
43619 Radial Tonebone - PZ-Pre Acoustic Direct Box Preamp $299.99 Order
41045 Radial Tonebone - Trimode Set up three channels of tone on a single-channel amp $299.99 Order
31066 Radial Tonebone - Switchbone AB-Y Box Designed to Drive Two Guitar Amplifiers at the Same Time $259.99 Order
40520 Radial Cabbone Speaker Cabinet Switcher Guitar Speaker Cabinet Switcher $259.99 Order
73105 Radial Voco-Loco Effects Switcher for Voice or Instrument $259.99 Order
31067 Radial Tonebone - Loopbone Insert Two Separate Pedal Effects Chains and Remove Them When Not in Use $259.99 Order
40610 Radial JS3 Three-way Microphone Splitter $259.99 Order
65558 Radial MC3 Passive Monitor Controller with Subwoofer and Headphone Outputs $259.99 Order
31235 Radial Tonebone Bassbone Radial Tonebone Bassbone Balanced XLR DI Pedal $259.99 Order
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