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Code Man. Name Description Price Buy
31236 Radial Tonebone Dragster Radial Tonebone Dragster Guitar Load Correction Device $49.99 Order
72345 Radial IceCube IC-1 Balanced Line Isolator and Hum Eliminator $59.99 Order
76581 Radial Rack Kit for Firefly Rack Mount Bracket Kit $59.99 Order
67878 Radial SB-1 StageBug Active Acoustic DI $69.99 Order
67879 Radial SB-2 StageBug Passive Direct Box $69.99 Order
67880 Radial SB-4 StageBug Piezo DI $79.99 Order
70215 Radial SB-7 Stagebug Earmuff Headphone Silencer $79.99 Order
70213 Radial SB-15 StageBug High Performance Signal Buffer $79.99 Order
41047 Radial HotShot DM1 Combination mic signal splitter and mute switch $89.99 Order
77612 Radial HotShot ABo Line Output Selector $89.99 Order
70425 Radial JR-1M Momentary Footswitch with XLR Connectors $89.99 Order
41044 Radial BigShot ABY Passive Switcher True Passive Switcher $99.99 Order
74073 Radial BigShot EFX Effects Loop Switcher $99.99 Order
41046 Radial BigShot i/o Input Selector True Bypass Selector Switch $99.99 Order
67881 Radial SB-5 StageBug Stereo Laptop DI $99.99 Order
70214 Radial SB-6 Stagebug Laptop DI $99.99 Order
65560 Radial JR2 2-Button Footswitch for the Radial Firefly DI $99.99 Order
61631 Radial Pro RMP ProRMP Studio Re-Amper Passive Re-Amping Direct Box $99.99 Order
31071 Radial ProDI Passive Direct Box $99.99 Order
70207 Radial StageBug SB5W Wall-mounted stereo direct box $109.99 Order
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