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Code Man. Name Description Price Buy
44739 RME Audio BOHDSP9652 MIDI Breakout Cable $28.50 Order
20859 RME Audio BO9652 Breakout cable for Hammerfall (DIGI96/32) $29.00 Order
20963 RME Audio BO968 Breakout cable for DIGI96/8 PAD / Pro $55.00 Order
20857 RME Audio 9652EXB DIGI9636 Expansion Board $139.95 Order
10907 RME Audio RME AEB4-I Analog Expansion Board for the DIGI96 series $249.00 Order
10908 RME Audio RME AEB4-O Analog Expansion Board for the DIGI96 series $269.00 Order
10909 RME Audio RME AEB8-O Analog Expansion Board for the DIGI96 series $269.00 Order
11495 RME Audio HDSP Hammerfall PCI Card Zero wait state PCI Busmaster $349.00 Order
32382 RME Audio Hammerfall Cardbus (Flat Version) Laptop Digital Audio PCMCIA Type II Card - Lower card for laptop when using more than one card. $395.00 Order
11494 RME Audio HDSP Hammerfall Cardbus Laptop Digital Audio PCMCIA Type II Card $429.00 Order
77543 RME Audio Digiface USB 66-Channel 192 kHz USB Audio Interface $499.00 Order
20548 RME Audio HDSP9632 32 Channel 24 Bit/96 kHz I/O Card $539.00 Order
20600 RME Audio QuadMic 4-Channel Mic Preamp $649.00 Order
8950 RME Audio HDSP 9652 Zero Latency - 3 x ADAT optical I/O $729.00 Order
73294 RME Audio Babyface Pro 24-Channel 24-Channel 192 kHz USB Bus-Powered Audio Interface $749.00 Order
20547 RME Audio Digiface 4bit 96K Digital IO for Hammerfall DSP PCMCIA and PCI Audio Interface $759.00 Order
22716 RME Audio ADI2 ADI-2 2-channel Hi-End AD/DA-converter $849.00 Order
11431 RME Audio Multiface II 36-channel Multi Audio Interface $949.00 Order
60756 RME Audio Fireface UC 24 Bit / 192 kHz, 36-channel Hi-Performance Audio Interface $1,349.00 Order
10522 RME Audio ADI-96 PRO Hi-Precision 24 Bit / 96 kHz DSP Based AD-Converter $1,429.00 Order
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