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Code Man. Name Description Price Buy
44021 Morley PBA-2 Dual Bass Wah Pedal $99.95 Order
23073 Morley 9-Volt Power Supply AC Adaptor for Morley Products $19.95 Order
62100 Morley ABC Selector Combiner Switch 3-Channel AB Selector/Combiner $90.99 Order
1770 Morley ABY ABY Switch $55.95 Order
62144 Morley ABY Mix Two In/ Two Out Guitar Mixer and Switcher $79.99 Order
1926 Morley Bad Horsie Wah Wah Steve Vai Signature Wah $117.99 Order
6181 Morley CLW Classic Wah Original Morley Wah Wah Pedal $70.99 Order
44020 Morley FX Blender Variable FX Loop Blender Pedal $106.99 Order
44819 Morley George Lynch Dragon 2 Wah Effects Pedal $149.99 Order
22045 Morley George Lynch Tripler switching device that allows one guitar to be routed to three amplifiers $99.00 Order
44818 Morley Kiko Loureiro Distortion Wah Pedal $149.00 Order
7709 Morley Little Alligator Steve Vai Volume Pedal $79.95 Order
28088 Morley Mark Tremonti Power Wah Switchless Power Wah $127.95 Order
62908 Morley MMV Mini Morley Volume Mini Volume Pedal $79.99 Order
62099 Morley MMW Mini Morley Wah Mini Wah Wah Pedal $79.99 Order
42071 Morley Quad Box Guitar and Amplifier Switcher $79.95 Order
32829 Morley Steve Vai Liberty Wah Limited Edition Patriot Series Signature Wah Pedal $134.00 Order
44851 Morley T. M. Stevens Fonk Wah Wah Pedal Effects $139.99 Order
43584 Morley Volume Plus Pedal PV0+ Electro-Optical Volume Foot Pedal $89.00 Order
62907 Morley AC-1 Accu-Tuner Tuner Pedal $89.99 Order
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