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Code Man. Name Description Price Buy
62560 Hofner H65/50 - Dark Brown Strap Classic 60s Vintage Leather Strap for Bass Guitar $49.95 Order
73912 Hofner Boost Fuzz Bass Limited Edition Hand Wired Bass Fuzz Pedal $299.99 Order
40917 Hofner 1962 Vintage H500/1-62-O Sunburst Finish Vintage 62 Violin Bass w/ Case $2,850.00 Order
66567 Hofner 1964 Reissue Violin Bass Sunburst 4-String Electric Bass w/ Tweed Case $2,899.00 Order
68479 Hofner Club Bass - Ignition Sunburst Hollow Body Electric Bass with Case $499.00 Order
68481 Hofner Club Bass - Ignition Trans Black 4-String Electric Bass w/ Case $489.00 Order
32781 Hofner CT Club Bass - Black Finish Contemporary Series Electric Bass Guitar $699.00 Order
32782 Hofner CT Club Bass - Sunburst Finish w/ Case Contemporary Series Electric Bass Guitar w/ Case $879.00 Order
76848 Hofner Galaxie Bass - Candy Apple Red 4-String Short Scale Bass $299.00 Order
71553 Hofner HCT-500/1 - USA Limited Contemporary Series Archtop Violin Bass $849.95 Order
72301 Hofner HCT-500/1 - Violin Bass Matt Black Contemporary Series Archtop Violin Bass with Hardshell Case $879.99 Order
66944 Hofner Violin Bass - Ignition Left-Handed Sunburst 4-String Left-Handed Violin Electric Bass w/ Case $489.00 Order
65823 Hofner Violin Bass - Ignition Sunburst Bass - Sunburst w/ Case 4-String Violin Electric Bass w/ Case $489.99 Order
76742 Hofner Classic Club Bass Case - Black Bass Case for Hofner Club Bass $129.99 Order
76741 Hofner Classic Violin Bass Case - Black Bass Case for Hofner Violin Bass $119.99 Order
70341 Hofner Verythin Limited Edition Contemporary Series Powder Blue 6-String Electric Guitar w/ Bigsby $649.00 Order
62561 Hofner Blues Overdrive Pedal $49.99 Order
62562 Hofner Chrous Pedal Analog Chorus Pedal $59.99 Order
73617 Hofner Compressor Pedal Compressor Effects Pedal $54.99 Order
62563 Hofner Delay Pedal Classic Analog Delay Pedal $59.99 Order
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