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Code Man. Name Description Price Buy
66443 Carl Martin Bass Drive Bass Drive Effects Pedal $280.00 Order
20997 Carl Martin 3 Band Parametric Pre-Amp 3 Band Parametric Pre-Amp Effects Pedal $266.00 Order
68637 Carl Martin AC-Tone Single Overdrive Pedal $266.00 Order
63363 Carl Martin Blue Ranger - Vintage Series Overdrive Effects Pedal $139.30 Order
21006 Carl Martin Chorus XII Dual Stereo Chorus Pedal $329.00 Order
63364 Carl Martin Classic Optical Envelope - Vintage Series Classic Optical Effects Pedal $139.30 Order
21012 Carl Martin Combinator II Non-Midi Programmable Effects Switching System $685.30 Order
20996 Carl Martin Compressor Limiter Compressor Limiter Pedal $279.30 Order
21003 Carl Martin Contour n Boost Contour and Boost Effects Pedal $222.60 Order
43864 Carl Martin EchoTone Vintage Echo Effects Pedal $476.00 Order
64621 Carl Martin Headroom Spring Reverb $280.00 Order
21009 Carl Martin Heavy Drive High Gain Distortion Pedal $166.60 Order
67667 Carl Martin HellsGate Distortion Effects Pedal $273.00 Order
20998 Carl Martin Hot Drive n Boost Realistic Overdrive/Distortion with Boost Lead Setting $222.60 Order
20999 Carl Martin Hot Drive n Boost MKll Realistic Overdrive/Distortion with Boost Lead Setting $222.60 Order
21000 Carl Martin Hot Drive n Boost MKlll Realistic Overdrive/Distortion with Boost Lead Setting $215.60 Order
21002 Carl Martin Noise Terminator Noise Eliminator Pedal $166.60 Order
67668 Carl Martin Octa-Switch MK3 Effects and Switcher Pedal $427.00 Order
27190 Carl Martin PlexiTone Multi-Stage Overdirive/Distortion Effects Pedal $266.00 Order
67666 Carl Martin PlexiTone Single Channel Single Channel PlexiTone Effects Pedal $193.90 Order
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