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Code Man. Name Description Price Buy
71607 Blackstar PSU1 Power Supply Unit for Fly 3 Amps $22.99 Order
72976 Blackstar TONE:LINK Easily Add Bluetooth Audio To Any Amp $29.99 Order
71329 Blackstar FLY 3 Battery Powered Mini Guitar Amplifier $59.99 Order
68304 Blackstar LT BOOST Guitar Pedal Hotrod Your Valve Amp Boost Effects Pedal $69.99 Order
68236 Blackstar LT DIST Guitar Pedal Small Rugged Distortion Pedal $69.99 Order
68305 Blackstar LT DRIVE Guitar Pedal Warm Boost to Screaming Lead Saturation $69.99 Order
66927 Blackstar IDFS10 Multi Function Footswitch for ID Series Amps $89.99 Order
71760 Blackstar FLY 3 Stereo Pack 3w Battery Powered Mini Guitar Amp and Portable Speakers $99.99 Order
69264 Blackstar ID Core Stereo 10 2x5W Super Wide Stereo Combo Amp $99.99 Order
68237 Blackstar LT DUAL Guitar Pedal 2-Channel Flexible Distortion Pedal $119.99 Order
69891 Blackstar ID Core Stereo 20 2x10W Stereo Wide Programmable Combo Guitar Amplifier $149.99 Order
72777 Blackstar ID Core 40H 40 watt Guitar Amplifier Head $179.99 Order
67590 Blackstar HT-112 1x12 Extension Speaker Cabinet $189.99 Order
69890 Blackstar ID Core Stereo 40 2x20W Stereo Programmable Combo Guitar Amplifier $199.99 Order
63274 Blackstar HTV-112 80W 1x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet $229.99 Order
67091 Blackstar ID 15TVP 15 Watt Programmable 1x10 combo with Effects $229.99 Order
62965 Blackstar HT-REVERB Tube Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal $229.99 Order
62931 Blackstar HT-DELAY Tube Delay Guitar Effects Pedal $249.00 Order
62991 Blackstar HT-MODULATION Tube Modulation Guitar Effects Pedal $249.99 Order
64816 Blackstar HT Metal Tube Metal Valve Distortion Pedal $249.99 Order
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