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Akg Pro Studio Pack

C 414 -XLS + Two C 451 B Microphones

Product Code: B41557

We're sorry, this product is no longer available.

The new C414B-XLS has a vastly improved capsule shockmount and switching. 1" diaphragm. 5 switchable polar patterns: omnidirectional, wide cardioid, cardioid, hypercardioid, and figure 8. 2-color LEDs indicate polar pattern and output overload. 3 switchable bass cut filters and 3 pre-attenuation pads with LEDs for quick reference. 20Hz to 20kHz frequency range. Signal to noise ratio of 88dB, A-weighted. Ideal for accurate, beautifully detailed reproduction of any acoustic instrument.

Responding to growing demand from recording engineers, AKG decided to produce the C 451 B with identical acoustical behaviour of the popular original C 451 EB + CK 1 microphone again, with dramatically improved specifications and outstanding price/performance. The capsule of the new version is fixed permanently to the preamp to eliminate the mechanical problems of the screw joint. Using an extremely light diaphragm, the new C 451 B is almost totally insensitive to handling noise. An all-metal body provides excellent protection from RF interference and the microphone is rugged enough to give excellent results even under very harsh conditions.
In Depth
C 414 B-XLS:
-Voiced for reproduction of acoustic instruements
-High sensitivity and extremely low noise
-High sound pressure level capability and wide dynamic range
-5 switchable polar patterns
-Completely immune to electrostatic and electromagnetic interference from digital gear, computer monitors, etc.
-2-color LEDs provide quick visual monitoring of polar pattern and output overload
-3 switchable bass cut filters and 3 pre-attenuation pads with LEDs
-All switchable components operate in low-impedance circuits
-Elastic capsule suspension greatly minimizes structurally transmitted noise

C 451 B:
- Identical acoustics of the legendary CK 1
- Rugged construction
- Ruler-flat on-axis frequency response
- Precise, nearly frequency independent cardioid
- Extremely accurate signal transfer
- Transformerless output stage for minimum distortion at low frequencies
- Protected against electrostatic and magnetic interference
- Selectable 10-dB and 20-dB preattenuation pads
- Switchable highpass filter (75 Hz or 150 Hz, 12dB/octave)
- Operates on phantom power to DIN/IEC between 12 V and 48 V
- Complete with SA 40 stand adapter and W 90 windscreen
- Each microphone comes with its own individual frequency response plot

Item Number: Akg Pro Studio Pack    B41557 0-0
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View all Akg products

Akg Pro Studio Pack []

Akg Pro Studio Pack&nbspPackage Akg Pro Studio Pack&nbspC 414 B-XLS w/Accessories

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