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2Box D5 *Pre-Order

DrumIt Five Module

Product Code: 68877

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2Box's DrumIt Five US Edition is an open sound drum system giving the user the freedom to choose which sounds to play. The system is built around a high strength, low weight pad / cymbal and stand system. Add to this an extremely powerful drum unit with 4GB on-board Flash memory, and you have the foundation for a truly ground breaking, new sensation in electronic drums.

  • Experience great sound quality: The DrumIt Five sounds are delivered at44100 Hz by 24 bit digital-to-analog converters.
  • Download via USB: When DrumIt Five is connected to a computer by USB, allsounds and kits can be easily downloaded to the internal Flash memory. Use theeditor to download complete kits or just drag-and-drop from the computer'sfile manager.
  • Make your own sounds: By means of the DrumIt Five editor ( PC / Mac ), youcan make your own multi-sampled sounds from wave, aiff or rex files. Togetherwith sounds from the DrumIt library, you can create any kit you desire.
  • Use professionally edited DrumIt sounds: Select sounds from the DrumItsound library, made by top artists, recorded in multi-channel multi-layerformat in professional studios, carefully edited to offer unsurpassed soundquality.
  • Create your own kits: The DrumIt Five editor allows you to build andcreate your own sound's. The software is designed to work with PC's and Mac's.The initial program will allow you to drag and drop sounds onto varioussymbols in the editor to create your own personal kit. With a few clicks of amouse, you will be able to adjust tuning, levels and panning. You will then beable to simply save the kit within your computer or send it to the DrumIt Fiveunit via the USB connector. In the next revision of the software ( to followshortly ) there will be the provision to allow the drummer to drag and dropany wave, aiff or rex files into the editor page. It will be possible to makeyour own multi level sound or just download loops straight into the DrumItFive unit.
  • Edit kits: The DrumIt editor allows the user to create kits on theircomputer by way of easy drag-and-drop editing. Sounds can be played from thevirtual pads to check how the kit will sound. The multi-channel,multi&layered DrumIt sounds can be remixed and adjusted to the user's owntaste.
  • Play along: The DrumIt Five Unit allows you to, download wav files to jamalong with or connect your media player to the line in socket.
  • In Depth
    • Unit: 10 dual-function trig inputs, ( max 15 independent trig channels), 2audio line-in, 6 audio line out plus headphones (8 total), USB (full-speed),MIDI in and out, 17 x 4 plus 20 x 4 character LCD, 10 channel buttons, 8system buttons, 3 rotary dials, 1 volume knob, 4 GB Flash memory, externalpower supply.
    • Kits: 100 fully editable kits.
    • Sounds: Recorded in multi channel multi-layer mode, mixed down to stereoDrumIt sounds. User sounds can be created from any wave, aiff or rex files.
    • Editor: PC/Mac software for editing drum kits on the computer and (in alater revision) editing DrumIt sounds or create multi-sampled user sounds fromwav, aiff or rex files.

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    View all 2Box products

    2Box D5 *Pre-Order [D5]

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