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HHB CDR-74 Gold 10 Pack

74 Minute Archival GOLD Master CD-R 1x-8x Write Speed 650MB In Standard Jewel Case

Product Code: 65886

We're sorry, this product is no longer available.

The HHB CDR-74 Gold Recordable Compact Disc is an audio optimized disc. It has a capacity of 650MB data storage or 74 minutes, 4.0 seconds recording time. It is an audio optimized 1-8x write speed disc made for recording and broadcast facilities. The disc has a 100 year extended archival life. A specially formulated phthalocyanine dye ensures the integrity of the recorded data which is further protected from damage by a durable lacquer coating.
In Depth
  • Write once CD-R recordable compact disc with a 74 minute or 650MB capacity
  • Optimized for audio recording with 1-8x write speeds.
  • Advanced phthalocyanine dye with a durable lacquer coating
  • High reflectivity
  • Ultra-low jitter performance
  • 100 year secure archival life
  • Tough UV cured resin protective coating
  • Full conformity with Orange Book Part II
  • Format: CD-R
  • Capacity: 650MB capacity
  • Recording Time: 74 minutes 4.0 seconds recording time
  • Speed: Up to 8x write speeds
  • Layer: Single layer
  • Double/Single-Sided: Single sided
  • Scratch Resistant: UV cured resin
  • Printable: No
  • Coating: Phthalocyanine stable organic dye
  • Packaging: Jewel case (1)

Item Number: HHB CDR-74 Gold 10 Pack [HHB-CDR74GOLD ]    65886 0-0
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View all HHB products

HHB CDR-74 Gold 10 Pack [HHB-CDR74GOLD ]

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