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Ask Video Logic Pro 9 Tutorial Level 2

Tutorial DVD Level 2

Product Code: 64337

We're sorry, this product is no longer available.

Logic Pro is back with a vengeance, with all new instruments and effects and the incredibly impressive Flex tool. If you're feeling overwhelmed by Logic, this tutorial series is perfect for you!

In Level 2 of this 3 part series we're going to continue working on some of the more basic concepts, but we'll quickly be delving into more advanced topics. We're going to cover items like MIDI Cycle Recording, the Sample Editor, creating Groups, and even Beat Mapping.

Apple Logic Pro makes it easier than ever to translate your ideas into music. This tutorial will guide you through the basics of using this powerful software.
In Depth
  • 47 Videos
  • Over 4.5 hours of instructional video
  • Extremely high quality tutorial videos
  • Easy to use interface
  • Great for users of Logic Pro or Logic Express.
  • Mac OSX

    Logic Pro 9 Tutorial Level 2 Content:
  • MIDI Cycle Recording
  • Multi-track MIDI Recording
  • Piano Roll 1
  • Piano Roll 2
  • Event List
  • Quantizing MIDI
  • Groove Templates
  • Fades - example video
  • Sample Editor
  • Punch Recording
  • Take Recording
  • Audio Bin
  • Mute & Solo - example video
  • Mixer Overview
  • Groups
  • Channel EQ
  • Effects
  • Plug-in Window
  • Track Freeze - example video
  • Signature Track
  • Tempo Track
  • Beat Mapping Track
  • Transposition Track
  • Folder Regions
  • Catch & Link
  • Markers
  • Screensets
  • File Browser
  • Key Commands
  • Advanced Sample Editor
  • Digital Factory 1
  • Digital Factory 2
  • Audio Regions & Tempo - example video
  • Strip Silence
  • Bus Recording
  • Advanced Piano Roll
  • Hyper Editor 1
  • Hyper Editor 2
  • Hyper Drums 1
  • Hyper Drums 2
  • Hyper Draw
  • ESM, ESE & ESP
  • EVB3, EVD6 & EVP88
  • ES2
  • EXS24
  • EVOC 20
  • Ringshifter

    System Compatibility:
  • This product requires QuickTime for video playback. DVD-Rom drive required for Mac/PC DVD-ROM. Internet product registration required. Minimum screen resolution for DVD-ROM 1024 x 768. Internet connection for Downloadable tutorial and internet product authorization required - up to 3 computers. Authorization and De-Authorization permitted to allow moving tutorial to different computers.
  • PC: Windows XP Home or Professional, Intel Pentium or AMD Athlon 800 MHz or faster, 256 MB RAM. Windows MME or DirectSound Sound Card.
  • MAC: Requires Mac OS X v10.2 or higher, Power Mac G4 867 MHz, 256 MB RAM, Sound Card.

Item Number: Ask Video Logic Pro 9 Tutorial Level 2 [LOG9L2]    64337 0-0
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Ask Video Logic Pro 9 Tutorial Level 2 [LOG9L2]

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