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Tube Microphone with 1 inch Six Micron Single Diaphragm

Product Code: 6132

We're sorry, this product is no longer available.

TYPE: True Condenser Pressure Gradient Microphone with 1" Six Micron Single Diaphragm and Valve Pre-Amplifier with Factory Stock 6072 Tube.

POLAR PATTERN: Fixed Cardioid

SENSITIVITY: 1mV/Pa = -37dBV (0 dBV = 1v/Pa)

FREQUENCY RANGE: 20 Hz to 20k Hz

IMPEDANCE: < 250 Ohms


MAX SPL FOR 1% THD @ 1000 Hz: 125 dB

EQUIVALENT NOISE LEVEL: IEC 286-4 (A Weighted) 18 dB Typical

S/N RATIO @ 1Pa: 76 dB

POWER REQUIREMENT: Dedicated ADK Power Supply

REL. HUMIDITY: 90% (C) / 85% (C)

CONNECTOR: 7 Pin Multi-Pin Cable (Supplied)

SIZE: Diameter 53mm (2.1") Length 165mm (6.5")

NET WEIGHT: 550gm (18.5oz)

In Depth

Male and Female Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Reed Instruments (Sax), Strings (Violin, Viola, Cello, and Contrabass), Drum Overheads, or anywhere you would use a Vintage Tube Microphone. "This Mic Smokes!!" Mix Magazine.


A-51TC - Tube Microphone / Power Supply / Shock Mount / Deluxe Flight Case / Multi-pin Cable / Windscreen

MIX Magazine Reviewed by Barry Cleveland October 2001

ADK made waves a few years ago with the debut of its A-51 (Area 51) Series of affordable--around $400--large-diaphragm FET condenser mics. Following on that success, ADK introduced a series of tube condensers, including the model A-51TC reviewed here, and the flagship Area 51 TT.

Placed directly in front of a blaring guitar amp the A-51TC easily held its own, enriching the sound with a throaty warmth, making the relatively small amp sound huge, particularly on heavily distorted settings.

The A-51TC had considerably more richness and character, handled the sibilants and plosives much more smoothly [than] another large-diaphragm tube mic that cost twice as much as the ADK, and was easier for the (male) talent to "work" closely without bumping up against the proximity effect.

Finally, the A-51TC did an excellent job on a male blues vocalist, capturing the richness and gritty complexity in great detail. The vocalist loved the sound of the mic, and asked if it could be used for live performance.

Overall, the ADK A-51TC has a large and likeable sound, and the coloration it does impart was a good match for a variety of sources, especially those with complex harmonics and overtones.

* Specifications subject to change without notice. © 2001 ADK Microphnes. All Rights Reserved.

Item Number: ADK TC    6132 0-0
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