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Ashly 3.24CL-d

Digital Crossover, System Processor and Zone Distribution

Product Code: 42563

We're sorry, this product is no longer available.

Both the 3.24CL and 3.24CL-d were developed for smaller audio systems requiring fewer inputs and outputs without sacrificing sonic quality. Either version has three inputs and six outputs coupled with an incredibly easy front panel user interface with all the audio processing tools you need for precise crossover, system control and superior sound.

The Protea 3.24CL-d is a varient of the 3.24CL with the only difference being the adjustable input and output delay times. Input delay is 85ms and output delay is 256ms. With the 3.24CL-d's longer delay on the outputs, distribution of audio to zones is possible.

Each input allows you to control gain, delay and six filters (each of them your choice of parametric, low or high shelf). Each output permits you to set your crossover frequencies and may be assigned to any one or a combination of inputs. Additionally, you can program four filters (each of them your choice of parametric, low or high shelf), control delay for time delay adjustments, adjust output gain, reverse polarity and control a compressor/limiter for speaker protection. All this in one rack space with XLR input and output connections.
In Depth
- Input: Active balanced, 18kOhms
- Max. input level: +20dBu
- Output: Active balanced, 100Ohms
- Max. output level: +20dBu
- Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz, ±0.25dB
- THD: <0.01% @1kHz, +20dBu
- Dynamic range: >110dB (20Hz-20kHz) unweighted
- Output noise: <-90dBu unweighted

EQ filters:
- Number: 6 per Input, 4 per output
- Parametric
- Bandwidth: 1/64th octave to 4 octave
- Range: +15/-30dB, 0.1dB increments
- Frequency resolution: 1/24th octave
- High-shelf
- Slope: Selectable 6 or 12dB/octave (1 high shelf, 2 high shelf)
- Frequency range: 19.7Hz to 2kHz
- Range: +/-15dB, 0.1dB increments
- Low-shelf
- Slope: Selectable 6 or 12dB/octave (1 low shelf, 2 low shelf)
- Frequency range: 3.1886kHz to 20.1587kHz
- Range: +/-15dB, 0.1dB increments

Crossover filters
- High pass filter
- Type: Linkwitz-Riley, Bessel, Butterworth
- Slope: 12, 18, 24 and 48dB/octave
- Frequency range: Off to 21.983.3kHz, 245 step increments
- Low pass filter
- Type: Linkwitz-Riley, Bessel, Butterworth
- Slope: 12, 18 and 24dB/octave
- Frequency range: Off to 21.983.3kHz, 245 step increments
- Delay
- Input maximum delay: 682.5ms [CL], 85ms [CL-d]
- Output maximum delay: 21.33ms [CL], 256ms [CL-d]
- Increment: 20µs
- Input and output gain:
- Range: +12/-40dB, 0.1dB increments
- Polarity: 0 or 180 degrees (selectable in the output gain stage)

- Threshold: -20dBu to +20dBu, 1dB increments
- Ratio: 1.2 :1 to Infinity (1.2, 1.5, 2., 3, 4, 6, 10, 20, Infinite:1)
- Attack: 0.5ms to 50ms per dB
- Release: 10ms to 1 sec. per dB
- Range: 20Hz to 10.6kHz
- Processor:
- Input A/D: 24 bit
- Output D/A: 24 bit
- Processor: 24 bit, 56 bit accumulator
- Sample rate: 48kHz
- Propagation delay: 1.46ms
- Other:
- Power requirements: 80–260VAC, 30W
- Shipping weight: 10 lbs
- Dimensions: 19.0" L x 1.75" H x 6.0" D
- I/O connectors: XLR
- Environmental: 40–120 deg. F, non-condensing

Item Number: Ashly 3.24CL-d [3.24CL-d]    42563 0-0
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View all Ashly products

Ashly 3.24CL-d [3.24CL-d]

Ashly 3.24CL-d&nbspLarge View Ashly 3.24CL-d&nbspRear View

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