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Lucid ADA8824

(ADAT) 24-bit Eight Channel A/D and D/A Converter

Product Code: 30569

We're sorry, this product is no longer available.

A perfectly transparent signal every time.
Get the performance you need for leading-edge music production and post-production with an audio interface that provides an immaculate connection between your digital and analog gear. The ADA8824 for ADAT-optical lightpipe gear transfers eight channels of I/O simultaneously with 24-bit resolution. And digitally controlled attenuation of analog inputs and outputs with high-resolution LED metering help you realize your maximum dynamic range.

Using the ADA8824, you can turn your computer into a full-blown professional recording workstation, regardless of which console or recorder you use. The ADA8824 integrates seamlessly with all your ADAT lightpipe-equipped digital audio gear, including mixers, recorders, and computer interface cards, such as the Alesis ADAT-PCR. Using this fiber-optic connection, you can transfer multiple channels of data more easily and cleanly than ever before.

Multiple channels for maximum flexibility.
The ADA8824 provides eight channels of 24-bit A/D and D/A conversion, eight channels of AES/EBU I/O, and two channels of S/PDIF I/O. If you want more than eight channels of digital and analog I/O and you have the required software and computer speed, simply add more ADA8824s.
Far-ranging dynamics.
The ADA8824’s 24-bit resolution provides the utmost in quality and clarity. Its over-sampling 24-bit A/D technology produces 113dBu (A-weighted) of dynamic range, providing the sonic detail required by leading producers and engineers.

The ADA8824 is the only product of its kind featuring digitally controlled analog attenuators on both inputs and outputs, so you can adjust operating levels from your computer screen via a graphical user interface. In addition, fifteen segment LED meters on the front panel of the ADA8824 provide multi-color level displays of analog and digital inputs and outputs.
In Depth
Your internal A/D sample rate can be set at either 48kHz or 44.1kHz. The ADA8824 can also be locked to an external AES reference signal or Word Clock. For D/A conversion, the ADA8824’s circuitry automatically locks to the sample rate of the incoming digital bit stream.

The ADA8824’s balanced connectors provide the immunity to RFI that professionals demand. The analog and AES/EBU connections both use XLRs. In addition, you can drive analog inputs of any impedance using the balanced XLR output jacks.

ADA8824 (ADAT) - Connecting at the speed of light.
Lightpipe, or fiber-optic, connections are becoming a popular standard for digital audio transfer. It’s easy to understand why. Using multiple channels simultaneously is incredibly convenient, and the Alesis ADAT-optical standard supports full 24-bit resolution. Alesis pioneered the use of fiber-optic connections for digital audio transfer through its proprietary format. The Alesis PCR card works on Macintosh and Windows computers and is compatible with products from a wide range of vendors. The growing popularity of ADAT-equipped gear and the introduction of Lucid’s ADA8824 (ADAT) make it even easier for you to stay in the digital domain throughout most of the production process.

Item Number: Lucid ADA8824    30569 0-0
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Lucid ADA8824

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