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Superlux S502

Pair Of Matched Cardioid Condenser Capsules in an ORTF Arrangement

Product Code: 65413

We're sorry, this product is no longer available.

The S502 combined a pair of matched cardioid capsules in the ORTF arrangement - the most popular stereo recording mi- crophone technique for loudspeakers as well as headphoness reproductions.

Based on the successful S241 and S125 true condenser tech- nology, Superlux exercise the same precision 1⁄2" gold coated diaphragm for the most precision sound pick-up. Simple and straightforward design provides experienced engineers the most convenient solution for stereo recording.

What is "ORTF"?
ORTF is brief from "Office de Radiodiffusion Télévision Française". This standard was estab- lished for stereo broadcasting that brings optimal
stereo performance to most audio systems. 2 cardioid capsules arranged with 110°
open angle and 17 cm space away.
The benefits of ORTF brings more spa- cious sound than coincident XY tech- nique, yet avoid "hole in the center" problem of spaced AB technique which exhibits very good
spacious sound.
ORTF technique balanced excellent stereo po- sitioning, and spacious sound that please most of the audience than AB or XY/MS stereo tech- nique. ORTF is a technique that can be easily handled by beginners or video production crews with a fix ORTF stereo microphone such as S502. Experienced engineer can also takes this advantage with S502, or use a pair of S241 with stereo bracket for ORTF recording.
In Depth
  • Ture condenser, precision 1/2" capsules
  • Fix capsules for ORTF standard
  • Sturdy metal body
  • 5 pin, balanced output
  • Standard phantom power operation
  • Shock mount included
  • XLR 5 pins female to 2 x XLR 3 pins male plug cable included
  • Excellent stereo image

    ORTF Stereo Skill:
  • When recording with ORTF microphone, keep the microphone at least 1 meter away from the ensemble.
  • Adjust the microphone position so that the room space could be heard, while excellent direct sound is maintained.
  • Keep the most of the ensembles/orchestra within 90° coverage.
  • Keep the microphone high enough that each instruments/artists
    has an un-block direct path to the microphone.
  • Set the PAN control to extreme Left and Right. Do not pan the signal in between L and R.
  • Choose a high quality recorder, or mixer.
  • Adjust the nominal recording level at about -18dBfs for clas- sical music without compressor/limiter, while keep the peak at about -3dBfs to -6dBfs.
  • Always use a shock mount.

    S502 includes followings:
  • A3 plastic carrying box
  • HM-30 shock mount clip
  • 2 x S20 foam screen
  • FM0.6AMM 0.6m Y-Splitter Cable, 5-pin female XLR plug con- vert to 2 3-pin XLR male plug.
Item Number: Superlux S502 [S502]    65413 0-0
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View all Superlux products

Superlux S502 [S502]

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