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  • AC-33 AC / DC Compact Acoustic Chorus Guitar Amplifier
  • AC-33 RW Rosewood 2 x 15-watt, 2-channel Acoustic Guitar Amplifier
  • AC-40 Acoustic Chorus Guitar Amplifier
  • AC-60 Acoustic Chorus Amplifier with Gigbag
  • AC-90 Acoustic Chorus Guitar Amplifier
  • Cube Lite Black Compact Guitar Combo Amp & Audio System
  • Cube Lite Red Compact Guitar Combo Amp & Audio System
  • Cube Lite White Compact Guitar Combo Amp & Audio System
  • Cube-15XL 15-watt 8 Inch Guitar Amplifier
  • CUBE-20GX Black 20-Watt Guitar Amp with Custom-Designed 8-inch Speaker
  • Cube-20XL 20-watt 8 Inch Exteme Guitar Amplifier
  • CUBE-40GX Black 40-Watt Guitar Amp with Custom-Designed 10-inch Speaker
  • CUBE-80GX Versatile Stage/Studio Guitar Amp with iOS Connectivity
  • CUBE-80GX Open Box Versatile Stage/Studio Guitar Amp with iOS Connectivity
  • GA-112 1X12 100W Guitar Combo Amplifier
  • GA-212 2X12 200W Guitar Combo Amplifier
  • GA-FC Foot Controller for GA-112 GA-212 and Cubes
  • JC-120 Jazz Chorus Guitar Amplifier
  • MICRO CUBE GX Black Battery / AC -Powered Ultra-compact Guitar Amp with Custom-Designed Speaker
  • MICRO CUBE GX White Battery / AC -Powered Ultra-compact Guitar Amp with Custom-Designed Speaker
  • Micro Cube RX - Black Battery / AC -Powered Portable Guitar Amplifier
  • Mobile Cube AC / DC Powered Portable Stereo Amplifier


  • KC-110 3-Channel 30w Battery Powered True Stereo Mixing Keyboard Amplifier
  • KC-150 4-Channel 65w Mixing Keyboard Amplifier
  • KC-350 4-Channel 120w Stereo Mixing Keyboard Amplifier
  • KC-550 4-Channel 180w Stereo Mixing Keyboard Amplifier
  • KC-60 3-Channel 40w Mixing Keyboard Amplifier
  • PM-10 V-Drum Speaker System



  • V-4 4-Channel Video Mixer with Effects
  • V-8 Video Mixer 8-Channel Video Mixer with Effects



  • CB-HPD Gig Bag for the HandSonic HPD-20 and SPD-SX Sampling Pad



  • APC-33 Drum Mount & Clamp
  • BT-1 Bar Trigger Pad Versatile Add-On Trigger Pad for V-Pads and Acoustic Drums
  • CY-12R/C -C 12-inch electronic cymbal V-Cymbal
  • CY-13R V-Cymbal® Ride
  • CY-14C V Cymbal Crash
  • CY-15R V Cymbal Ride
  • CY-5 Dual-Trigger Cymbal Pad
  • CY-8 12 inch Dual-Trigger Cymbal Pad
  • DT-1 V-Drums Tutor
  • FD8 FD-8 V-Drum Hi-Hat Pedal
  • HandSonic HPD-20 Digital Hand Percussion - Dynamic E-Percussion for Stage and Studio
  • HD-3 Compact V-Drums® Lite Electronic Drum Kit
  • HPD-15 Electronic Hand Percussion multi-pad
  • KD-120BK 12 in. V-Kick Trigger (black)
  • KD-140 - White 14 Inch V-Kick Trigger Pad
  • KD7 Classic Electronic Kick Trigger
  • KD85 Electronic V-Kick Drum Trigger Pad
  • KD9 Kick Pad Drum Trigger
  • KT-10 Pro Kick Trigger Pedal
  • MDP-7U Mounting Plate For TD-5/7/10 & SPD11
  • MDY-12 Hatched Cymbal Mount
  • NE-1 Noise Eater Acoustic Sound Isolation for V-Drums
  • NE-10 Noise Eater Acoustic Sound Isolation for V-Drums
  • Octapad SPD-30 Digital Percussion Pad
  • Octapad SPD-30 Black Digital Percussion Pad
  • OP-RMP12 Marching Carrier Attachment for RMP-12
  • PD-100 V-Pad
  • PD-105BK 10 Inch Dual Trigger Mesh V-Pad
  • PD-105X 10 Inch V-Pad Trigger
  • PD-108 10-inch V-Pad
  • PD-125BK 12 Inch Dual Trigger Mesh V-Pad
  • PD-128 12-inch V-Pad Tom
  • PD-128S 12-inch V-Pad Snare
  • PD8 8-inch Dual-Trigger Pad
  • PD-85 Black 8-inch Dual-Trigger Mesh V-Pad
  • PDS-10 Pad Stand for All VG-99, SPD, HPD, TD Series Products
  • PDX-100 10-inch V-Pad
  • PDX-8 Improved V-Pad for Snare
  • PM-30 200-watt 2.1 Personal Monitor System for Roland V-Drums with Stereo 3-channel mixer
  • RT-10K Trigger for Kick Drums
  • RT-10T Trigger for Tom Drums
  • SPD-SX Percussion Controller & Sampling Pad
  • TD-11K SuperNATURAL V-Drums Electronic Drums
  • TD-11KV V-Drums Electronic Drums
  • TD-15K V-Tour Electronic V-Drum Kit
  • TD-15KV V-Tour Electronic V-Drum Kit
  • TD-30 Module V-Drums Sound Module
  • TD-30K V-Pro SuperNATURAL Series Electronic Drum Kit
  • TD-30KV V-Pro SuperNATURAL Series Electronic Drum Kit
  • TD-4KP Compact Complete V-Drums Kit
  • TD-4KX2 V-Compact Series V-Drum Set
  • TM-2 Trigger Module
  • V-Drums Tutor Drum Tutorial Software for V-Drums Series
  • VH-11 V-Floating Hi-Hat (Top and bottom cymbal system)
  • VH-12 V-Hi-Hat (top and bottom cymbal system)
  • VH-13 12-Inch V-Hi-Hat


  • PDS2 Pad Stand for RMP3 & RP2
  • RMP-12 Marching Percussion Rhythm Coach













  • SP-404SX Portable Sampler w/Sequencer, Effects & built-in Mic
  • SP-555 Creative Sampler with Performance Effects


  • ACB120 Power Supply for CM32/64/CS10/MT32/MT100/PR100
  • ACF120 Power Supply for PAD8/PAD80/PM16/SPD8
  • ACI120 / PSB-1U Power Supply for GR55/ SPDX / D5/E35 EP3/5 / GR1 / TD6 /JV35/ MC50mkII /R70 / SC50/SC55mkII/SPDS
  • ACL120 Power Supply for ep pianos
  • ARX-02 SuperNATURAL Electric Piano Expansion Board for Fantom-G
  • BKT8 BKT-8 Mounting Bracket for VK-8M
  • BRA-120 Power Supply for DR-660, DS-330, ME-6, MX-10, SC-33, SPD-11, TD-5, TU-50
  • BRC120 Power Supply AC adaptor for DR770, SP505, VF-1, GR-33, JS5, GT6, GT3
  • CGKS Guitar to mini jack cable for GK-Pickup, straight
  • DP-10 Damper Pedal
  • DP2 Damper Pedal Switch-Black
  • EV5 Expression control pedal
  • FC-7 Foot Controller for Roland RA-95 and G-series Arranger Workstations
  • KS-J8 Keyboard Stand
  • PSB-120 (same as PSB-1U) Power Supply for CM300/500/ep7mkII/9/707/ JV/JW50/MV30/W50
  • PSB-2U Power Adapter for Roland CDX-1
  • R2PAC2 2 Prong AC cable (round end) for JV1000/JD990/FP1 etc.
  • RPU-3 Pedal Unit for Use with RD700NX
  • SRJV8019 SR-JV80-19 House Collection
  • Wireless Connect Wireless USB Adapter


  • FC-300 MIDI Foot Controller & Dedicated Controller for VG-99
  • UM-ONE MK2 1x1USB Midi Interface-MK2




  • FA-06 61-key Advanced Music Workstation Keyboard
  • FA-08 88-key Music Workstation Keyboard
  • Fantom-G6 61-key Workstation Keyboard
  • Fantom-G8 88-key Workstation Keyboard




  • VP-7 Dynamic Vocal Harmony Effects Processor


  • BA-330 Stereo AC /DC Portable Amplifier
  • BA-55 Battery Powered Portable Amplifier
  • BA-55 Black Battery Powered Pro Portable Amplifier
  • BA-55 White Battery Powered Portable Amplifier
  • CM-30 Cube Multi-Purpose Portable Mixing Monitor / PA
  • Cube Street - Black AC / DC Battery-Powered Stereo Amp / Mini PA w/ COSM
  • CUBE Street EX Compact 50 Watt AC / DC Stereo Amplifier


  • CD-2e Tabletop SD/CD Recorder Trainer w/ Speakers
  • CD-2u Tabletop SD/CD Recorder Trainer w/ Speakers
  • R-05 High-Quality Wave / MP3 Stereo Recorder
  • R-26 6 Channel Portable Pro Recorder
  • SD-2u Tabletop SD Recorder Trainer w/ Speakers
  • VT-12 Complete Vocal Trainer
  • VT-12 Aqua Blue Complete Vocal Trainer
  • VT-12 Black Complete Vocal Trainer
  • VT-12 Metallic Orange Complete Vocal Trainer


  • R-Mix Innovative Mix-Manipulation Software for Mac/PC and iPad


  • ST-A95 Speaker Stand for BA330 with Bag
  • ST-CMS1 Monitor Speaker Stand


  • CM-220 200 Watt 2.1 Monitor System