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Zoom PS-04

Personal Multi-Track Studio

Product Code: 21153

We're sorry, this product is no longer available.

It Is The Ultimate Sketch Pad. The PS-04 Provides 4 Audio Tracks, A Programmable Drum/Bass Machine, Modeling, Multi-Effects(94)and A Built-In Microphone With Pre-Amp. Over 5 Hours Recording Time On 4 AA Batteries Or Optional Adapter.
In Depth
Each of The 4 tracks provides 10 virtual takes, so you can record several performances, and use the best one. A complete array of digital editing facilities are built in, including bounce, copy, move, erase and trim–with no data degradation.

The PS-04 even provides Auto/Manual punch in-out, marker locating, EQ and pan for each track, and other functions comparable with full-sized Zoom hard disc recorders.

The PS-04 uses SmartMedia as a recording medium. SmartMedia cards are light weight, and low priced. 128 MB Smart Media provides over 65 minutes recording time (in mono Hi-Fi mode).

The input mixer is compatible with all guitars, bass and mics, and 2 track simultaneous recording is available.

When you fill up a SmartMedia card, you can move all your song data to your computer using a USB memory card reader (sold separately). Card Manager, a free software program, is provided on the Zoom Web site and includes WAV/AIFF converter functions.

Zoom has the best linear PCM drum sounds in the business. The PS-04 has 7 different sounding drum kits, and 190 preset patterns are included. Of course you can program your own beats to. Use Zoom’s exclusive FAST (Formula Assisted Song Translator) programming for quick song structures. Rhythm programming.

The PS-04 also has a built-in programmable bass machine with 6 different bass guitar tones.

5 Types of effect algorithms are provided: Guitar/Bass, Mic, Line, Dual and Mastering. Choose from 94 types of effects, including 6 effects simultaneously within 5 effect modules. Memory is provided for saving up to 220 effects patches.

Individual send/return effects are also provided. This allows you to put great-sounding effects on you recordings. When you mix tracks down to stereo, you can add Mastering effects for the perfect finish.

The Built-in microphone is a high-quality mic, with a dedicated pre-amp, and will provide excellent results on acoustic guitar, other acoustic instruments or vocal recording. The mic also allows the builtin chromatic tuner to be used on acoustic instruments.

Perfect for the darkened tour bus traveling at night, the PS-04 features a back-lit LCD display, and all the buttons are lit as well. The device will operate for over 5 hours using 4 AA batteries.

- 4 audio tracks, each with 10 virtual tracks
- Programmable drum/bass machine
- 94 effects
- High-quality built-in mic with preamp
- 65 minutes recording time on a 128MB SmartMedia card

Item Number: Zoom PS-04 [ZPS04]    21153 0-0
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View all Zoom products

Zoom PS-04 [ZPS04]

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