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Windows to Virtuosity String Master

Interactive Teaching Tool for Virtually Any Stringed Instrument

Product Code: 30675

We're sorry, this product is no longer available.

String Master is the Amazing 4-Step interactive approach to visually master any stringed instrument. String Master is a great way to assist in teaching the beginning Guitar, Banjo, Violin, Mandolin, Viola/Cello, Bass and Piano student how to understand their instrument quickly. By mastering this "4 Step" Method, the beginner can gain essential understanding of all the instruments, and advanced players can achieve new levels of insight to what they already know.
In Depth
String Master uses several different features to make sure that each user learns the 4 Step approach to visualize Chords, Scales and read music. The object of the method is to teach you the fundamental root shapes necessary to learn chords and scales faster. No, this is not just another CAGE system with diagrams claiming to be a visualization method. This is something totally new and different.

You will not see these fretboard and finger board diagrams anywhere in the music instruction business.

These unique diagrams and patent pending teaching method allow you to learn to read your instrument’s full range. String Master does not rely upon memorizing pattern after pattern. Ask yourself this question is it better to remember a few things or memorize a large amount of things?

String Master will allow you to learn more material and learn it faster. How can we make this claim? Well the answer can easily be seen if you examine the parts of music that are actually the most difficult. Understanding a fretboard or fingerboard’s structure is easy. What makes it hard is that you have to memorize everything, therefore it takes a long time to master an instrument.
The truly hard part of music is mastering the elements of tempo and rhythm. Then add to that the elements that most musicians are the weakest, pitch and harmony. Unless they are blessed with a great ear most musician’s musical ear is underdeveloped. And the reason is that everyone gets bogged down in learning where to place their fingers. With String Master you spend less time practicing and more time having fun playing and improving your performance techniques. With String Master you spend less time practicing and more time having fun and improving your ability to read musical notation. By using String Master you actual get to spend time learning to compose your own music and not having to practice every root location possible.
String Master Is The Future of The Music World
The “4 Step” method allows you to understand the structure of notes on all these instruments: Guitar, Bass Guitar, Banjo, Chapman Stick, Violin, Viola, Cello, Mandolin and Keyboards. The “4 Step” learning system allows you to see the structure of any instrument in your mind. String Master can teach instruments faster and more completely than any of the traditional methods being sold today. The features that allow these amazing results are without a doubt the best collection of teaching tools in the music education software business.

• Over 200 fretboard and finger board diagrams to promote visualization
• Over 30 videos that cover the Concert Strings, along with the Mandolin, Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Chapman Stick and Keyboards.
• Interactive quizzes and visual exercises to enhance the user experience
• Ear training test to enhance the user’s natural abilities
• Visual Note Pad to create your own lesson notes
• Visual Sketch Pad to create tablature to practice the lessons and create your own lessons
• Visual Sketch Pad to create tablature to allow you to practice the lessons and also create your own lessons for multiple instruments
• The most comprehensive lessons ever seen on one of the most powerful tools in music, the Circle of 5ths.
• Midi-Sequencer with the ability to allow the user to create their own scrolling tablature for any midi file
• Videos to outline each of the four teaching steps
• Videos to demonstrate playing techniques for all instruments: Bowing and intonation for the Violin and Concert Strings, Picking for the Guitar and Bass, finger rolls for the Banjo, and tapping techniques for the Chapman Stick.
For Windows (PC ONLY)

Item Number: Windows to Virtuosity String Master    30675 0-0
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Windows to Virtuosity String Master

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