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Vox VC12

Valvetronix Foot Controller

Product Code: 20870

Authorized Vox Dealer
We're sorry, this product is no longer available.

The VC-12 starts with the same capabilities of the VC-4 Foot Controller, such as Program Selection, Tap Tempo, built-in Tuner (with Mute function), Individual Effects On/Off selection, Wah pedal (that can also control Volume), external Volume pedal input, and Parameter Control. It also offers a second Controller pedal for Volume (both pedals are heavy duty, chrome topped, as used on Vox Wah pedals), as well as large, heavy duty stomp box switches, independent Bank Up/Down switches, and a Recall switch to automatically revert to the prior selected program.

In addition, the VC-12 is capable of storing four banks of Valvetronix amp user programs. Valvetronix amps alone can store 32 programs, whereas the VC-12 offers the user an additional 96 programs for a total of 128. Programs can be stored from any Valvetronix amp into the VC-12, and loaded into another amp. As an added bonus, the VC-12 can control 2 Valvetronix amplifiers at one time.

A large, road-worthy casing gives a sturdy look and feel to the entire system. To minimize cable clutter on stage, the VC-12 is conveniently powered by the Valvetronix amp it is connected to (via the Vox Buss Main interface cable, which can also for connection with the ToneLabâ„¢ Amp and Effect Modeler).
In Depth
Full-sized metal chassis with heavy-duty pedals (for us big-of-feet)

Rugged and easy-to-use switches and pedals

Dedicated volume pedal and expression pedal

RECALL switch for instantly reverting to the previous program

Independent BANK UP/DOWN and FX ON/OFF switches

Back up four sets of Valvetronix series sounds (32 programs x 4 banks) for a total of 128 programs-32 at a time with VT amp

48 Preset programs when using ToneLab

Vox BUS MAIN and SUB connectors for simultaneously controlling two Valvetronix amps

Easily visible, independent tuner display with muted tuning

Classic Vox quality and style with traditional chrome pedal tops

Technical Description
Dimensions: 27.95 in. (W) x 2.09 in. (D) x 9.45 in. (H)

Item Number: Vox VC12    20870 0-1
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View all Vox products

Vox VC12

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