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Vestax PDX-3000 MKII

Straight Arm High Torque Turntable

Product Code: 69195

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DJs from 20years ago wouldn't have believed you if you had told them that in the future, DJs show up to venues with portable computers and controllers. The media DJs play today may vary from what it once was, and the gear may have advanced over the years, yet the turntable still remains as a necessity for many. Why? Because the turntable remains as the only interface that allows DJs to play and control music with the simplest, but diverse maneuver. The amount of data analog turntables and vinyl feed to the DJ is massive and far more complicated than it is considered. The vibration to the finger tips, width an feel of the ditches is a few and it's impossible to digitally simulate such factors. Vestax knows the importance of the turntable, and continues to produce quality interfaces, which will connect the DJs sensibility with music

A.S.T.S.(US patented
Vestax's original Anti Skipping Tone-arm System ensures high sound quality and stable playback by reducing the inner and outer force of the needle, suppressing horizontal vibrations. The entire system, from bearing parts to assembly, is performed by seasoned Japanese pros, which is why the A.S.T.S. tone arm is appraised world wide for its quality.

Direct Drive DC Motor UPGRADED!
The PDX-3000mk2's direct drive DC motor has powerful torque of maximum 4.7CN/cm, and reaches a constant speed rate within 0.5 seconds from pushing the start/stop button. An extremely precise regulator is required to accurately control such a motor, and with the PDX-3000 it is digitally (32bit CPU) controlled with a digital servo. This servo keeps the motor rotating no matter how heavily the pitch is changed, reverse button is pushed or the platter is pulled back.

New high-precision platter UPGRADED!
With an advanced digital servo in combination, Vestax has cast a new mold to optimize the balance between the platter weight and rotary inertia moment. This enables the DJ to perform with higher stability and accuracy. Having the surface been lowered, DJs have more control over vinyl, along with carefully designed sides for precise pitch adjustment.

Digital Torque Simulator
The digital servo firmware is the brain of the control circuitry. Over the past 10 years it has advanced in order to provide better analog simulation of torque control to DJs. Two control modes can be selected for the DJs preference. Performance mode maintains the stabilized speed and rapid acceleration/deceleration, while MIX mode enables to control precise rpm with the slightest touch to the platter.

The PDX-3000mk2 can be controlled by MIDI note signals sent from other control devices. For example, hook up a MIDI keyboard with a single note vinyl and you can play musical scales

The ultra strong high pressure foamed ABS plastic that constructs the body is advanced in durability, strong against feed back and is highly resistant to impact.

The insulators (the feet) are filled with rubber for absorbing shock, and have airspace inside for better low frequency feedback absorbent

The Ultra Pitch Fader controls the pitch range by +/-50%. Combined with the fine pitch fader, a total pitch control of +/-60 % is possible.

The classic feature Vestax introduced to the world.
In Depth
  • Turntable Motor:Direct Drive
  • Quartz Start Time:0.5sec. (33 1/3rpm) 70°
  • Torque:Maximum 2.7kg/cm
  • Breaking System:Electrical Breaking
  • S/N ratio:78dB (IEC 98WTD)
  • RPM:33 1/3rpm, 45rpm
  • Fine Pitch:±10% (100mm FADER)
  • Ultra Pitch:±50% (45mm FADER)
  • Wow Flatter:Below 0.07% W.R.M.S

  • Tone Arm
  • Tone Arm: Anti Skipping Tone arm System
  • Tone arm Balance:Tracing Hold
  • Height Adjustment range: Maximum 9mm
  • Needle pressure range: 0 - 7g

  • Stylus Light:DC12V 20mA Replaceable
  • Speed Lock:Quartz Lock
  • Remote control:Start / Stop mini jack 
  • MIDI Control:MIDI terminal
  • NOTE: Cartridge and needle is not included.

  • Dimensions
  • 454(W)×162(H)×365(D)mm
  • Weight 9.5kg
  • Power AC100V 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption 10W

Item Number: Vestax PDX-3000 MKII [VES-PDX3000MK2]    69195 0-0
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View all Vestax products

Vestax PDX-3000 MKII [VES-PDX3000MK2]

Vestax PDX-3000 MKII&nbspTop View Vestax PDX-3000 MKII&nbspFront and Rear Vestax PDX-3000 MKII&nbspWith Computer

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