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Terratec Phono Pre-amp

Turntable-to-PC Interface

Product Code: 1562

We're sorry, this product is no longer available.

Use it to convert your vinyl to digital. It’s a turntable-to-PC interface that lets you bypass your hi-fi amp. Just plug the turntable into the pre-amp, plug the pre-amp into your PC gameport. Input capacity and output are both three-level selectable.

In Depth
Input capacity adjustable to three levels (100pF, 250pF, and 425pF)
Output level selectable in three steps (300mV, 550mV, 1100 mV)
Filter function with highly accurate RIAA equalizer curve (20 Hz - 20kHz)
Distortion factor: 0.002% (5mV)

Item Number: Terratec Phono Pre-amp    1562 0-0
View all Terratec products
View all Terratec products

Terratec Phono Pre-amp

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