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Shure P4MTRE1

Wireless Personal Monitor System

Product Code: 3567

We're sorry, this product is no longer available.

The PSM 400 is the latest addition to Shure’s personal monitoring systems. Designed for performers who are tired of the limits of floor wedges, the PSM 400 offers hands-on control and freedom to musicians who have a limited budget for gear. With a wide range of available options - from complete Wireless and Hardwired Performance Packs to individual components - there is a PSM 400 that is right, rehearsal through performance, for almost everyone who performs live music.

Roam free with the PSM 400 Wireless Personal Performance Pack! Wireless features include:

16 UHF frequencies (8 simultaneously compatible)
Three modes of operation: Mono, Stereo, and MixModeTM
Personal Volume and Balance controls
LCD wireless reception and battery life displays
High-frequency equalization
Selectable, built-in limiter
Battery and rack hardware included
P4M Personal Monitor Mixer and E1 Earphone included
Stationary performers can step up to personal monitoring with the PSM 400 Hardwired Personal Performance Pack. Hardwired features include:

All Shure PSM systems offer mono, stereo and MixModeTM operation.

MixMode gives performers greater control over their monitor mix by turning the receiver into a 2-channel mixer. In MixMode, the performer receives two discrete channels of audio, just like in stereo. The difference is that each channel is sent to both the left and right earphone. The performer hears the two signals mixed together in each ear.

By adjusting the balance knob on the body-pack, performers can control the relative level of each signal, making one softer and the other louder in both ears.

For example, a performer may choose to have their vocals (or instruments) sent through one channel and the rest of the band sent through the other. Using the balance knob on the receiver, the performer can determine exactly how much of themselves they want to hear in the mix.

Musicians, in particular, enjoy the flexibility of MixMode because it gives them the ability to adjust their mix from one song to the next without having to signal the engineer at the soundboard. This means they can have exactly the right balance for every song with a minimum of fuss and distraction.
In Depth
Three modes of operation: Mono, Stereo, and MixModeTM
Personal Volume and Balance controls
LCD wireless reception and battery life displays
-15 dB input pad
High-frequency equalization
Selectable, built-in limiter
P4M Personal Monitor Mixer and E1 Earphone included

Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion: <.1% (measured at -10dBu out)
Channel Separation: 35dB
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 85 dB
Maximum Output Level: +6 dBV
Maximum Input Level: +5 dBV input pad OFF, +18 dBV input pad ON
Input Impedance: >40 kilohms
Audio Output Connector: 3.5 Stereo (left = tip, right = ground, ring = sleeve)
Power Requirements: 9V Alkaline battery (Duracell® type MN1604 recommended)
Battery Life: Up to 8 hours, volume dependent
Phantom Power Protection: Up to 60 VDC

Item Number: Shure P4MTRE1    3567 0-0
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Shure P4MTRE1

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