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Sabine AX3000W

Contact AutoTuner w/ Burlwood Finish

Product Code: 41649

We're sorry, this product is no longer available.

The new AX3000 responds instantly to your note, and holds it longer for easy tuning. It grabs those low notes all the way down to the 5-string bass, and the highest ones on mandolins. The new MagnaPad magnifies the note for the contact mic and Sabine’s super-fast tuning circuit beams the note’s status to the three-color LED display.

The MagnaPad: This new 21st century material has a phenomenal ability to stay put, yet releases with a twist – just like a magnet. Pull the AX straight up and the tuner won’t budge, but give it a twist and it comes right off. This new material works by attraction, not adhesion, so it leaves your guitar’s finish alone.
In Depth
- Guitar mounted – always at your fingertips for a perfect view
- Chromatic – for all stringed instruments
- Perfect for standard & alternate tunings, or with a capo
- Built-in, cordless Contact Mic
- Three-Color LED Display – flashes yellow for flat, red for sharp, green for in-tune
- Auto-Recalibration – matches the pitch of any instrument
- DomeHome™ Hard Shell Case
- MagnaPad™ – easy to mount & remove the AX - works just like a magnet!
- Long-Life Lithium Battery included
- Two-Year Warranty

Item Number: Sabine AX3000W [AX3000-WB]    41649 2-2
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View all Sabine products

Sabine AX3000W [AX3000-WB]

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