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Roland VG-99/GK-3

V-Guitar Processor with GK-3 Divided Pickup

Product Code: 32244

Authorized Roland Dealer
We're sorry, this product is no longer available.

In the history of guitar modeling, no manufacturer has devoted more time, resources and passion into this market segment than Roland -- from the world’s first guitar modeling processor, the legendary VG-8, to its popular V-Guitar predecessors. Today, Roland proudly announces another milestone in guitar modeling and performance technology: the VG-99. With 3 powerful new processors at its core, plus expressive performance controls such as Ribbon Controller and D BEAM, this remarkable instrument raises the bar in guitar modeling and performance technology.

The VG-99 contains an incredible range of COSM-modeled guitars and amplifiers including new electric, acoustic and bass guitar models, a new GR-300 synth wave and much more. It even models 2 signal paths at once. Complete dual processing of guitar modeling on the VG-99 allows you to play 2 different guitar sounds simultaneously. For example, one virtual guitar could be a Telecaster® in a vintage Tweed amp with full effects and the other a nylon-string guitar with just a hint of reverb.

GK-3 Divided Pickup:
GK-3 mounts easily on any steel-stringed electric without damage to guitar
GK-3 features an adjustable curve design and pickup cable length, plus an attachment plate for Les Paul-type guitars Simply attach the included GK-3 Divided Pickup to your guitar and you can be playing high-quality Roland sounds in seconds.
In Depth
* Dual modeling engines allow guitar and amp models to be dynamically switched, layered and combined

* New COSM® electric, acoustic and even bass guitar models, and new synth waves such as the famous GR-300

* Guitar to MIDI converter for direct connection to keyboards, sound modules, soft synths, computers, and other MIDI-compatible devices

* Supports USB audio and MIDI for easy digital recording and sequencing

* Dual GT-Pro-class effects processor enables unequalled flexible tone creation

* Advanced performance controls, including D BEAM, V-LINK and Ribbon Controller take guitar performance to a whole new level

* Simple and intuitive knob-based interface and new design support live performance

* Graphical Editor software included to support sophisticated sound making

* Versatile I/O, including USB, S/PDIF and XLR provide pro connections for virtually every type of music production and performance on stage to professional studio recording

Item Number: Roland VG-99/GK-3    32244 0-0
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View all Roland products

Roland VG-99/GK-3 []

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