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Roland SoundBlender

Plug-In for the Roland VS8F-3 Expansion Board

Product Code: 22165

Authorized Roland Dealer
We're sorry, this product is no longer available.

Have you ever wished for a rack full of separate effects in a single plug-in? Welcome to SoundBlender, the ultimate collection of time, pitch, filter and modulation-based effects -- all available simultaneously, and in real time. With unparalleled audio quality, our exclusive Tri-Modulation Matrix(TM), and tempo-based control, SoundBlender transforms music in ways you’ve only imagined.

In many ways, SoundBlender does for effects processing what Moog did for synthesis. By combining two channels of intelligent pitch-shifting, delay, panning, amplitude modulation and resonant filtering with a powerful modulation matrix, an almost limitless variety of effects can be created. Used alone, each effect module from SoundBlender would make an incredibly useful effects processor. Used together, the effects are devastating. SoundBlender comes packaged with over 200 preset patches from simple and useful chorus, delay, filter, pitch shift and panning effects to completely unique mind-altering sonic experiences. There is nothing anywhere that sounds like SoundBlender.

SoundBlender includes two plug-ins, PitchBlender and TimeBlender. Each of these plug-ins combines a variety of high-quality signal processing modules with a unique tri-modulation matrix to create a very powerful and flexible signal modification structure.


The reality in most working studios is that time is a precious commodity, and it’s often not possible to spend the time necessary to learn all the features of all of the new products in today’s recording studios. Because of this, we’ve spent months creating over two hundred effects processing patches. We take full advantage of the preset manager that’s built in to ProTools, making it easy to find the sound that you’re looking for. These effects presets can be used right out of the box, or can be used as a starting point for your own fine-tuning and experimentation.

PitchBlender Presets


Arpegg-E-Ate Her - Pentatonic Arpeggios - Play with Yourself - Rainbowz In E Major - Rubberband Arps in D


AutoPan Echoes - AutoPan Sine - AutoPan Sine (BPM) - AutoPan Thick Echoes - AutoPan Thick Echoes (BPM) - Band-Pan - Double Flange Pan - Envelope Pan - Heavenly Hard Panner - Heavenly Hard Panner Envelope - Heavenly Panner - Heavenly Panner BPM - Rezo-Pan


Attack Detune - Chorus Echos - Doppler Chorus - Double Envelope Flange - Double Flange - Envelope Chorus - Fat That’s Good 4 You! - Filtered Up - MicroPitchShift - MicroPitchShift (low delay) - Multi-Chorus - Multi-Chorus Pan - QuadraTracker - Random Detune - Random Detune/Pan (trig) - SineMod Detune


Compressed Detuned Delays - Delay Bands - Delay Mod-Izer - Dist-Guitar Heaven - Echo’s Away - Echo’s Away (No Filter) - Gated Chor-Vibro Delay - Heavenly - Heavenly (ducked) - Highpass Delay (BPM) - Lowpass Delay (BPM) - Micro-Chorus Delay (BPM) - Multi-Chorus Delay - Multi-Chorus Delay (BPM) - Multi-Chorus - Ducked Delay (BPM) - NotchDelay (BPM) - Ping-Pong Delay (BPM) - Ping-Pong Wah (BPM) - RandomRezDelay (BPM) - Thick Echoes (BPM) - Twin Chorus Delay - Twin Chorus Delay Mixed Fdback - Twin Chorus Delays Cross-Fdback - Twin Chorus Ducked Delay - Twin Chorus Ducked Delay (BPM) - Twin Panning Delays


Auto-Wah - Bubbly (trig) - Cascade Wah (trig) - Envelope Filter 1-Band - Envelope Filter 2-Band - Envelope Filter and Delay (BPM) - Envelope Filter ChorDelay (BPM) - Envelope Filter Chorus - Envelope Filter Chorus(slow) - Envelope Filter Flange - Envelope Filter Heaven - Filter Funkitoid - Filter Funkitoid (for chords) - Filter-Flange - Funk Filter - Heavenly Envelope - Heavenly Wah-Wah - Notches - RezoSweep Downs - RezoSweep Downs (for Chords) - Triggered Wah


Diatonic Echoes - Diatonic Fifths - Diatonic Sixths - Diatonic Thirds - Diatonic Thirds & Bass - Diatonic Triads - Diatonic Triads Inv 1 - Diatonic Triads Vibra-Echo - Diatonic Triads Vibrato - Dopey Sax Friends - High Drone Echos - High String 3rds - High String 3rds Tremolo - Mboko Harmony (trig) - Mello-Chords - Random Harmony (trig)


Chorus/NotchDelay (BPM) - Chorus/NotchDelay2 (BPM) - Chorus/RezDelay (BPM) - Chorus/Telephone Delay (BPM) - Deep Throat - Deep Throat (chords) - Hip-Hopper Izer - Squarez Stepper Dubbler - Switchy-Twitchy Fifths - Switchy-Twitchy Fifths (chords) - Synth Bass from Guitar - Synth Bass from Guitar (chords) - Trem-A-Pan 5th’s - Up and Down Octave Echo - Up and Down Octave Echo(chords)

Pitch Shift

Bottomizer - Fifth Dimension - Hi Octave Doubler - Hi Octave Doubler (chords) - High Drone Echos - Low Drone Echos - One Voice Pitch-Shift - Phasey Delay - Phasey Delay (for Chords) - Two Voice Pitch-Shift - UnEventidy Octave Doubler


Granular Rhythm (BPM) - Rez-Rhythm (BPM) - Staccato Filters (BPM) - Stuck in the Machine (BPM)


African Space Journey - African Space Journey BPM - Cosmo-Verb - Deep Space - Deep Space (dry) - Exotica - Exotica Too - Forbidden Planet - From Planet Gong... - Hearts of Space F - Middle-Ese - One Note Composition - Ren-ten-ten - Rezo-Drone - Rezo-Drone Less Weird - Sci-Fi - Slendr-ize - Slendro-echoes - Slendro-echoes 2 - Slendro-echoes 3 - Soft Melody Dream - Squeege Steps - Swell Thirds & Bass Ambient - The Throat Singers of Tuva

Tremolo and Vibrato

Delayed Vibrato (BPM) - Detuned Tremo-Verb - Detuned Tremolo - Ducked Heavenly Tremolo - Envelope Tremo-Verb - Stereo Vibrato - Thick Lezlie - Tremolo - Vibrato

Weird and Wild

Borderline Unstable (LOUD!!) - El Nino - Flitzerp - Interference - Nightmare Sequence - Power Tools - Randomania - The CLANGERS Soundtrack - The Zipper Effect! - Tuning In - Wobbly-Dobbley

TimeBlender Presets

Altered Ambience

Drugs Kickin’ In - Enossified Delays - Gated Reverse Space - Giant Reverse Space - HipHopper Dropper - Led Sinkers - Octaves Rising - Reverse Reverb - Souped Up Spaced - Squinky Lowder - Steel Verb - Sub-Version - SubOctave SoftSpace


Air Crystallizer - Crystalizer - Cyklotronic Stepper - Ducked Crystallizer - Envelope Filtered Crystallizer - Gabriel’s Intro... - Gated Crystallizer - Ice 9 - Logicality - Mellow Crystallizer - OctaFifths Glitter - Overture Fast - Overture Fast Filtered - Overture Slow - Pulsing Ice - Slow Gated Crystallizer - Star Factory - Sus4th Heavens


Auto-Loop - BPM Ping-Pong Delays

Dialogue FX

Cocktail Party - More Voices inside My Head - Subway Announcer - Voices inside My Head

Modulation FX

Aliens - Metal Flanged Splice - Mod Repeat - Mod-a-Fi - Mod-a-Fi Too - Outer Steps - Screechy & Scary - Triple Mod Pong

Panning FX

Backwards Mix Panner - Circular Logic - Pan-demonium - Psycho-panner 1 - Psycho-panner 2 - Psycho-panner 3 - Random Logic

Reverse Shifters

Envelope Filter and Reverser - Half-Speed and Backwards - One-Voice Reverse Shifter - The Quaalude Zone - Two-Voice Reverse Shifter - Weirdoid


Ice 9 Rhythm 1 - Ice 9 Rhythm 2 - Ice 9 Rhythm 3 - RhythmGate - Weird and Wild - Broken CD Player - I’m Tired! - Plugged-Unplugged - Possessed - WaterMod - Wiggle-Waggle

SoundBlender Specifications


SoundBlender’s unique soft-clipping algorithm smoothly saturates any signals boosted beyond the digital signal range, much like a high-quality analog processor.

BPM Control

With a master BPM control, easily synchronize delay and modulation effects to the tempo of your song. All delay settings and LFO rates have the option of BPM-based control, or independent time or frequency settings


At the heart of SoundBlender’s power are 3 modulation sources that can be mixed and routed to any of dozens of effect parameters. The modulators are very flexible with control over duty cycle, polarity, trigger thresholds, and attack and decay smoothing. The available modulation types are:

Sine LFO
Square LFO
Triangle LFO
Random Numbers
Random Square
Random Ramp
Triggered Sine
Triggered Square
Triggered Triangle
Triggered Ramp
Triggered Random
Toggle Ramp
Toggle Square
Envelope Detector

The sidechain input can be used as a trigger source with any of the modulators. This is useful to synchronize triggered effects to a rhythm track, or to create ducked effects.


Pitch Shifting: Two channels of very high-quality conventional pitch shifting. Pitch shift range of +/- 2 octaves. The pitch-shifters are optimized for small-interval pitch-shifting which is extremely useful in creating realistic and clean chorus and double-track effects. The output level and panning of each pitch shifter may be adjusted by on-screen faders, and smoothly modulated by the modulation matrix.

Pitch Mapping: Each pitch shifter can use intelligent pitch processing for musically useful diatonic interval transposition. PitchBlender also introduces a unique diatonic arpeggiation feature. Any modulation source may be used to control the pitch-shift interval to create interesting in-key arpeggiation and randomized harmony effects. A wide variety of western and ethnic scales are available, making it easy to create some very exotic pitch textures.

Delay: Two channels of smoothly modulatable delay. Each channel has up to 650 milliseconds of delay available. The output level and panning of each delay line may be adjusted by on-screen faders, and smoothly modulated by the modulation matrix.

Filtering: Two channels of high-quality filters. Each filter may be configured as a lowpass, highpass, bandpass or notch filter. Each filter has adjustable center frequency and resonance control. Center frequency can be modulated by the modulation matrix.

Feedback: PitchBlender has many signal flow and feedback options. This allows a wide variety of very rich signal-processing effects.

TimeBlender Specifications

Reverse Pitch Shifting: Originally created to mimic the backwards tape effects, a reverse pitch-shifter samples sections of the input audio, and plays them backwards. TimeBlender has two channels of reverse pitch-shifting. Each channel can sample segments as large a 1000 milliseconds, and can vary the playback pitch of each segment over a two-octave range.

Delay: Two channels of smoothly modulatable delay. Each channel has up to 1000 milliseconds of delay available. The output level and panning of each delay line may be adjusted by on-screen faders, and smoothly modulated by the modulation matrix.
Filtering: Two channels of high-quality filters. Each filter may be configured as a lowpass, highpass, bandpass or notch filter. Each filter has adjustable center frequency and resonance control. Center frequency can be modulated by the modulation matrix.
In Depth
Put Plug-In Power In Your V-Studio!

The VS8F-3 Plug-In Effect Expansion Board is an easy and affordable way to add powerful plug-in effect processing to your V-Studio. Each board is capable of loading two high-quality plug-ins from Roland and 3rd party developers. The sound quality is top-notch—thanks to 56-bit internal processing and up to 96kHz sound quality.

Item Number: Roland SoundBlender [SOUNDBLENDER]    22165 0-0
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Roland SoundBlender [SOUNDBLENDER]

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