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  Code Man. Name Description Price Buy
67660 Zildjian ZXT Trashformer 10 Trashformer Cymbal 10 inches $64.95
71160 Zildjian ZBT China Crash Cymbal Pack ZBT Cymbal Pack $169.95
68328 Zildjian ZBT Starter Box Set Cymbal Variety Package $189.95
42694 Zildjian ZBTS3P-9 ZBT Starter Cymbal Bonus Box Set Starter Cymbal Box Set w/ FREE 14-inch Crash $199.95
71558 Sabian 21600XBP 16-Inch AAX O-Zone Crash Cymbal $209.00
65879 Sabian 45002-14 B8 2-Pack B8 2-Pack w/ Free 14-inch Thin Crash $239.00
68324 Zildjian ZBT 4 Box Set Cymbal Variety Package $249.95
64972 Sabian 45003-NB B8 Performance Set B8 Cymbal Pack w/o Bag $259.00
71536 Sabian B8X Performance Cymbal Pack $299.00
68323 Zildjian ZBT 5 F Box Set Cymbal Variety Package $299.95
68483 Zildjian 23-Inch A Zildjian Sweet Ride 23-inch Sweet Ride $339.95
30166 Zildjian ZXT Pro 4 20 in. Medium Ride, 16 in. Medium Thin Crash and a pair of 14 in. Solid Hi Hats $369.95
66820 Zildjian ZHT Rock Promo Box Set ZHT Rock Pre-Matched Set w/ Bonus Crash $399.95
66821 Zildjian ZHT Pro Promo Box Set ZHT Pre-Matched Set w/ Bonus Crash $399.95
65880 Sabian XS5005G XS20 PromotionVintage Set w/ Free18-inch Medium-Thin Crash $479.00
64528 Zildjian A Zildjian 4-Pack Cast Bronze Cymbals Matched Promo Box Set Cymbal Box Set w/ Free Crash $699.95
71113 Zildjian A Series 391 Cymbal Pack Sweet Ride Box Set $699.95
60957 Zildjian A20579-11 A Custom Box Set with Free 18-inch Custom Crash $749.95
68327 Zildjian KCH390 Box Set K Custom Hybrid Box Set $779.95
66822 Zildjian K Zildjian Pack K Pre-Matched Set w/ Bonus Thin Crash $899.95
65882 Sabian 15005XEBP HHX Evolution Promotional Set HHX Evolution Promotional Set w/ Free 18-Inch Evolution O-Zone $999.00
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