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Native Instruments Sidsonic Tubes

Virtual Synthesizer Built with Tube Modules and Effects

Product Code: 68647

Retail Price: $249.00



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Tubes! is dedicated to the raw but caressing nature of tube sound, showing that there's more to tubes than amplification. A whole synthesizer built with tube modules as well as various effects were used to create a bunch of the most aggressive, glamourous or simply unusual samplesets ever made... Tube sound rocks!!!

Tube sound bears, due to the tubes' unique technical character, some incomparable sonic possibilities. With soft saturation and the often quoted warmth, a lot of body and soul can be added to todays rather clinically sounding productions. Pads and leads start bootlicking and accoustic style instruments get wiser with just a little scratch of tube sound. Raising the level a little bit higher basses evolve to huge, clipped monsters and synthesizers go off screaming in a nutty way. This Virtual Instrument is nothing like farty, transistor- or digital-style overdrive! - This is Tubes!

To show that tube sound is versatile, a lot of audio-sources were used in combination with the little glowing buggers. From software- to digital- and analog hardware synthesizers up to a full blown analog modular system quite some combinations have been checked out. After recording, having versatile and seamless playability as well as canny filesizes in mind, every multi-samplekit was edited to deliver a high performance Virtual Instrument.
Chop it to pieces!

The Native Instruments Kontakt Player will give you a hand!
With the Tubes! instrument a unique version of Native Instruments Kontakt Player software is delivered, giving you the opportunity to start off with just a few clicks. Beside easy handling and playability, this software is also good for tweaking you happy! Several filters, effects and modulation possibilities guarantee that you won't see daylight for a long time. Whether you merely want to change harmonics a little or destroy it all in an outrageous manner, this Virtual Instrument supports your wacky ideas!
There are no limitations in style... Go demented!!!
In Depth
  • 100% tube sound
  • 135 Sounds
  • over 10.000 samples in total
  • 24 bit / 96 khz
  • 16,3 GB raw madness
  • Native Instruments Kontakt 3 Engine
  • 36 page booklet
  • Mac, PC
  • VST, AU, RTAS, Stand-alone
  • 2 Dual-Layer DVD's

  • Instrument-Modul:
  • Filter assortment:
  • First filter: 2-pole Lowpass, 4-pole Lowpass, Pro53 Lowpass, Ladder Lowpass, Voweler
  • Second filter: 2-pole Bandpass, 2-pole Highpass, 4-pole Highpass, Voweler
  • Insert-FX: Cabinet, (Pre-)Amp, Rotator and Stereo Modeller
  • Send-FX: Phaser/Flanger, Chorus and Delay
  • Two AHDSR envelopes with up to five targets (Volume, Tune, Cutoff 1 and 2, Resonance)
  • Two LFOs (free/sync) with six waveforms and up to five targets (Volume, Tune, Panorama, Cutoff 1 and 2, Resonance)

Item Number: Native Instruments Sidsonic Tubes [SC-TU-H]    68647 0-0
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View all Native Instruments products

Native Instruments Sidsonic Tubes [SC-TU-H]

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