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Native Instruments Komplete 8

Virtual Instruement and Effects Collection

Product Code: 64045

We're sorry, this product is no longer available.

Never before has KOMPLETE offered such a comprehensive and inspiring collection of highest-quality tools for musicians, producers and sound designers. With outstanding range and quality, the name KOMPLETE speaks for itself—the studio-standard bundle for musicians and producers, for studio and stage.

27 products in one comprehensive bundle

KOMPLETE 8 will supercharge your musical creativity with 27 fully-fledged products, 11,000 presets and over 100 GB of samples.

KOMPLETE 8 includes the brand-new KONTAKT 5 and GUITAR RIG 5 PRO, both updated and enhanced to the very pinnacle of state-of-the-art software technology. REAKTOR 5.6 racks up alongside MASSIVE, ABSYNTH, and FM8 for the ultimate synthesizer array. And the very latest and greatest NI instruments and effects, including TRANSIENT MASTER and the groove powerhouse STUDIO DRUMMER, are also on board.

KOMPLETE 8 includes 27 high-quality products with 11,000 sounds and 110 GB* of samples, covering nearly every instruments category. Below is an overview of each product - follow the links to the individual product pages for full details!

The flagship engines are included in their new versions. REAKTOR 5.6, the ever-expanding modular sound studio, is joined by KONTAKT 5, an updated version of the most powerful engine for sample-based instrument design - packed with 43GB of premium sounds, all-new studio effects, ground breaking filters and an arsenal of in-depth features.

KONTACT 5 is the industry-standard soft-sampler, renowned for its audio engine, flexible architecture and 43 GB of sounds. With new effects like SOLID BUS COMP and SOLID EQ, plus new Adaptive Resonance filters, and Time Machine Pro - it's more powerful than ever.

REAKTOR 5.6 is a powerful modular studio with over 70 synthesizers, sound generators, grooveboxes, sequencers and effects at your fingertips, as well as 3,000+ instruments freely available in the Online User Library. REAKTOR 5.6 is a vast playground for creative minds.

GUITAR RIG 5 PRO GUITAR RIG 5 PRO, the professional guitar studio is here in its latest update, featuring two new earth shattering heavyweight amps, 6 new effects and the new Control Room Pro. All this alongside a signature metal amp and a legendary 70s bass.

Six stunning software synthesizers
Three modern legends are joined by two much-lauded instruments by the father of REAKTOR, and a brand-new collection containing 20 vintage analog synths and keyboards.

ABSYNTH 5 is a modern legend – a semi-modular synthesizer for pads, grooves and abstract soundscapes. Take your tracks out of the ordinary with the 400 additional presets.

FM8 features crystalline, razor-sharp digital sounds, embodying the bright, lively sound of FM synthesis and delivering unsurpassed depth, brilliance, and dynamism. Now with over 200 new presets added to the already extensive collection.

MASSIVE is the heavyweight synthesizer built on an analog concept and perfect for heavy basses and piercing leads. Now with 750 additional sounds.

REAKTOR PRISM uses modal synthesis to produce a unique and responsive polyphonic instrument with fascinating sound shaping capabilities.

REAKTOR SPARK is a truly aggressive, dynamic synth based on a unique REAKTOR ensemble developed by Native Instruments' founder Stephan Schmitt.

RETRO MACHINES MK2 is entirely based on samples from legendary vintage analog synths and keyboards from the 70s and 80s. You get over 20 outstanding instruments, each with an amazing effects section, and a versatile and easy to use arpeggiator.

Creative and studio effects
NI's expanding world of amazing effects now incorporates a versatile 'magic wand' for placing your instruments in the mix, one of Tim Exile's crazy creations, DJ effects for the studio and monster IR reverb.

REFLEKTOR is a versatile convolution reverb with over 300 Impulse Responses, supreme audio quality and zero latency, providing a range of reverbs from realistic rooms to virtual acoustics.

THE FINGER is derived from Tim Exile's live setup and is a new type of live performance and real-time remix tool featuring 40 playable effects – the potential for audio mayhem is unparalleled.

TRAKTOR'S 12 brings the world of DJ effects to the studio. A dozen of TRAKTOR's tried and tested effects have been adapted for easy use within your DAW. Controlled by only four intuitive knobs and buttons, the effects retain a serious amount of sound mangling potential.

TRANSIENT MASTER is an intuitive envelope shaper and a great tool for dynamically placing instruments in the mix. Based on a studio favorite, it's a go-to tool for finding the sweet spot in the mix – the secret spice for drums and percussion.

Drums and percussion
An inspiring selection of drums are available - from STUDIO DRUMMER - the technology leader based on KONTAKT 5 and delivering ultra-detailed mixing features and the pinnacle of studio effects - to one of the Abbey Road kits, the industry-standard drum sampler as well as percussion and grooves from West Africa.

ABBEY ROAD 60s DRUMS offers the pure sound of two famous 1960s drum kits, recorded with vintage equipment at Abbey Road.

BATTERY 3 is the professional yet easy-to-use drum sampler with vast mapping and tweaking potential and a 12 GB library.

STUDIO DRUMMER is the perfect realization of a drummer in software – three premium acoustic kits, a fully-featured mixer and effects section plus over 3,300 beats and fills.

WEST AFRICA delivers vibrant percussion and enchanting melodic instruments, playable solo or as polyrhythmic ensembles, plus an intuitive pattern sequencer.

The world of guitar and bass
GUITAR RIG 5 PRO, the professional guitar studio is here in its latest update, featuring two new earth shattering heavyweight amps, 6 new effects and the new Control Room Pro. All this alongside a signature metal amp and a legendary 70s bass.

GUITAR RIG 5 PRO 17 amps and cabinets and 54 effects deliver perfect guitar or bass tone. Not only for guitars, it's also the ultimate rack for studio and creative effects.

RAMMFIRE Richard Z. Kruspe (Rammstein) collaborated with NI on this ground-breaking amp emulation based on his personal setup.

SCARBEE MM-BASS puts the creamy bass sound of 70s disco and funk at your fingertips.

First-class pianos and keys
A nice assortment of key and pianos are included in KOMPLETE 8 - classic organs, a wide range of perfectly sampled e-keys and legendary grand pianos.

BERLIN CONCERT GRAND offers enormously expressive power right to the top of the highest treble – a charming, poetic instrument, vibrant and full of life.

NEW YORK CONCERT GRAND is a high-definition reproduction of a popular grand piano, and consists of premium samples of a perfectly maintained instr

SCARBEE CLAVINET/PIANET provides the sounds of two legendary keyboards, expertly sampled and brimming with unique character.

SCARBEE MARK I is the sound of an iconic electric piano, beautifully sampled and perfectly preserved in all its brilliance.

SCARBEE A-200 is a classic and versatile electric piano, sampled to perfection with all its characteristic dynamic range intact.

UPRIGHT PIANO is a traditional piano with a warm and distinctive sound, ideal for productions that require something other than a ‘perfect' piano sound.

VIENNA CONCERT GRAND truly reproduces the power and ‘singing' sound of this Viennese legend, beautifully capturing the resonance of a classic continental grand.

VINTAGE ORGANS gives you access to the classic sounds of the golden age. Based on high-quality recordings of the Farfisa Compact, Vox Continental II and Hammond B-3, C-3, and M-3 organs, VINTAGE ORGANS is full of charm and character.
In Depth
  • 27 included products
  • 11GB sample library
  • E-Voucher for more
  • KOMPLETE Instruments & Effects
  • Flagship products:
  • REAKTOR 5.6
  • Synthesizers:
  • FM8
  • Creative & studio effects:
  • TRAKTOR'S 12
  • Drums & percussion:
  • Guitar & bass:
  • Piano & Keys:
  • SCARBEE A-200

Item Number: Native Instruments Komplete 8 [21300]    64045 0-11
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View all Native Instruments products

Native Instruments Komplete 8 [21300]

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