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MadPadz MP6 - Ice Blue

Portable 6-Inch Practice Pad

Product Code: 63357

We're sorry, this product is no longer available.

The MadPad has been designed to be supported using all the various methods commonly employed by pad manufacturers, without sacrificing playability, portability, or size. The exclusive, patented strapping system provides a comfortable, secure fit while strapped to your thigh, making the pad as easy to use as reading a book. The interchangeable feet, with the non-slip rubber pads enable the pad to be played on a table, floor, or other flat surface. The Velcro feet eliminate any bounce that might occur on a hard, flat surface, but also enable the pad to be held in a variety of positions – at any angle – even sideways. The possibilities with this feature are endless. The MadPad also has the hex nut underneath for securing to a stand.

The MadPad playing surface is a circular pad, measuring 5 1/2″ in diameter.
Many pad manufacturers follow an established trend with their smaller pad by producing what they call a 6″ diameter. Our dimension yields virtually the same playing area as these other products, especially
where the drum head style pad is concerned. This style needs a rim to hold the head down firmly in place. The area, just inside the rim, referred to as the bearing edge, has an unplayable area that is about 1/4″ on both sides, and when taken into account, reduces the playing area by 1/2″, resulting in a 5 1’2″ playing area. This is the same size as the MadPad. However, we intentionally produce this diameter, providing the same playing area, and allowing a reduction in the overall size.

The MadPad utilizes a 1/4″ thick rubber pad with a durometer of 35 (durometer is the term for measuring hardness in rubber products). This hardness level has proven to be the most desirable, and ultimately the most commonly used. The density of the polycarbonate plastic helps to provide a firm base, resulting in a stable, solid feel, with a rebound that is very much like playing on a drum. Although the rubber pad and polycarbonate body do provide a reasonable amount of weight, the goal of ultimate portability has kept the MadPad on the lighter side. Playing on a flat surface results in a degree of bounce, however the velcro feet have been incorporated to overcome this drawback. By maintaining the size of the playing surface with the innovative body design, and utilizing the the commonly desired rubber pad properties, the MadPad plays beautifully, and provides the solid feel that drummers want.
In Depth
  • By addressing three important aspects of practice pad design, we created a model that enhances the overall versatility of the basic practice pad. These three aspects are:
  • Important Playing Characteristics
  • Portability, and
  • Versatility in mounting or placement methods.

  • The MadPad is a rubber surface type pad, as opposed to the drum head type pads. The use of the rubber surface is for reduction in volume, providing much quieter practicing than the drum head type surface. Understanding that, two important playing characteristics for any pad are:
  • Size of playing area, and
  • Feel or rebound of the playing surface.

Item Number: MadPadz MP6 - Ice Blue [MP6-IB]    63357 0-0
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View all MadPadz products

MadPadz MP6 - Ice Blue [MP6-IB]

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