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Line 6 Verbzilla

ToneCore Guitar Pedal with Studio and Amp Reverb Emulations

Product Code: 41749

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The Line 6 Verbzilla pedal brings luscious, studio-grade algorithms right to your pedalboard. This stompbox-sized miracle has 11 amazing reverb models that are considered must-have sounds for any kind of music. Verbzilla delivers everything from classic guitar amp-style spring reverb to dreamy, high-end studio favorites right at the touch of a footswitch!
In Depth

- ’63 Spring: Based on the sound of a Fender 1963 brown spring reverb head unit. Best known for great surf guitar tone!
- Spring: Based on a studio spring reverb
- Plate: Based on a studio plate reverb
- Room: Simulates the acoustic properties of a classic echo chamber that consists mainly of early reflections
- Chamber: An elongated ambient space such as a hall, stairwell or elevator shaft creates this reverb type. Dreamy!
- Hall: Simulates the sound of a concert hall or large open space with a strong reverb tail. Imagine a gymnasium, performance hall, or cathedral
- Ducking: Built using a "Hall" but with a ducking effect. The volume of your reverb is "ducked" (reduced) while you’re playing, and increases when you stop. This allows for clean musical passages with a touch of reverb that ramps up in volume once you stop playing
- Octo: Creates a lush, ambient space with a harmonized decay whose harmonic denseness is controlled by the time knob. Use volume swells and prepare to float on a cloud!
- Cave: Surreal cavernous echo chamber
- Tile: Emulates the acoustic reflections of a tiled room, such as a bathroom with bright early reflections
- Echo: Just like it says ...echo...echo...echo


- Mix: Allows you to control the amount of reverb in your signal from dry to 100% wet.
- Decay: Controls how quickly the reverb tail fades to silence.
- Time: Controls the length of pre-delay. This is the amount of delay before the signal hits the reverb chamber.
- Tone: Allows you to adjust the tonal character of the reverb, giving you the flexibility to go from dark and subtle to bright and splashy.
- Trails Switch: When switched on, Verbzilla’s processing is engaged while in bypass, so reverb smoothly trails away when you kick the effect off.

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Line 6 Verbzilla [99-040-1901]

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