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Kamesan KS6001

KS-6001 Four Channel sub Mixer Module

Product Code: 21234

We're sorry, this product is no longer available.

No two location projects are ever the same, and often, they make demands beyond traditional sound mixing techniques.
So in the first place, the KS-342 offers uncompromising operation and performance. Then additionally, its unique expansion modules ensure you have specialised tools at your fingertips to deal with the most challenging productions. This is a mixing solution as versatile as you are.
Just as much attention has been paid to the mechanical and powering design as to the electronic circuitry. Smaller and lighter than any comparably featured mixer, the front and side panels are uncluttered and easy to use. The all important channel faders feature latex knobs for all temperature comfort and are easily gripped, even in gloves. Kamesan¡¯s trademark bar-grip knobs are used for all presets and never obstruct easy operation. Internal powering is by 8 ¡¯AA¡¯ cells in a ¡¯quick change¡¯ pack; or by way of an optional clip-on housing (BP-1) which accepts the industry standard NP-1 camcorder battery. Low power consumption typically provides up to 8 hours of operation. In fact, any raw DC up to 16V can be applied to the mixer power circuit which also provides an auxiliary regulated output, useful for powering receivers etc.
To accommodate any signal source, a front panel switch selects between line or microphone inputs, providing 12 or 48 volt phantom powering as required. Level trim at both sensitivities means the main channel faders can be set at optimum rotation for normal working. Massive 30dB pre-fader headroom plus continuously variable hi-pass filtering ensure signals never get out of hand. Channels can be ganged for true stereo operation and switched to the left or right mix busses.

The nature of location recording is that there will always be situations which require more channels or more processing. In the first place the KS-342 features a multiway link socket which can be used to cascade a stereo input from another mixer without sacrificing channels. Secondly, a discrete connector and sturdy locks, attach and integrate a range of specialised modules which expand capabilities instantly. Currently two variations are available; the KS-6001, a four channel sub mixer with identical input features and the KS-6002, a block of four parametric equalisers and compressors. The inclusive all-weather case, crafted from ¡¯wet-suit material, expands to accommodate up to two optional modules and comes complete with shoulder strap, waist belt and rain covers.

No other location mixer offers this capacity to adapt to the changing and expanding future of the location recording business.
In Depth
Specification 4 Channel sub Mixer Module KS 6001

Input Level
-70 ~-30dBs (Continuously Variable/Balanced) x 4

-20 ~ +4dBm (Continuously Variable/Balanced) x 4

Input Impedance


Better than 30dB (Pre-fader input)

AUX. OUTPUT Output level
-20dBm (7P Cannon Connector, Balanced Output)

Output Impedance 600§Ù

Maximum Output +8dBm (600§Ù load at 12V)

PERFORMANCE Frequency Response 50Hz~15kHz within ¡¾1.0dB

Signal to Noise Ratio
(MIC-70) better than 55dB (30KHz L.P.F/RMS)

better than 67dB (30KHz L.P.F/RMS)

Distortion (T.H.D) (LINE)
<0.5% (at +4dBm output 50Hz~15kHz,

10Hz~80KHz Filtered Output )

<0.5% (at 0dBs/50Hz~20kHz,

10Hz~80KHz filtered/50§Ù load)

POWER Power is supplied by the KS342 Mixer
Input Power Approx 105mA (max 200mA)

Operating Time (Continuous) on batteries connected to the KS 342

More than 3 Hours (Alkaline Batteries)

More than 6 Hours (NP-1 NiCd)

above times are at room temperature

PHYSICAL Dimensions W8.46 x D5.63 x H1.58 inches (W215 x D143 x H40 mm)

Weight Approx 2.42lbs (1.1kg)

Item Number: Kamesan KS6001    21234 0-0
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View all Kamesan products

Kamesan KS6001 []

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