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Furman RackRider

RR15 Rackmount Power Module with Lights

Product Code: 24665

We're sorry, this product is no longer available.

Eight outlets, a 15 amp circuit, complete filtering and slide-out lights are all provided. Radio frequency and electromagnetic interference (RFI/EMI) are reduced through advanced filtering. If the total load (combining all outlets) exceeds 15 amps, a fast acting suppression circuit will trip the circuit breaker, thereby protecting sensitive audio, video or computer equipment. Every rack should be equipped with a conditioner and the RackRider is a great value with the proper features to protect your investment. Distributed by Furman.

A RackRider "RR" Series Power Conditioner and Light Module is the perfect accessory for any rack-mount system. lnstall one in the top slot of your rack, and the eight switched AC outlets on the rear panel will power up all your equipment while its two slide-out, swiveling light fixtures provide discreet illumination of your equipment on stages, in studios, and in other dark places. A dimmer knob lets you adjust the lamp brightness to just the right level.

An RR Series conditioner protects your delicate electronic equipment by combining a high voltage varistor (MOV) surge and transient suppressor with an RFI/EMI interference filter. The fast-acting suppression circuit quickly responds to clamp transient voltages to safe levels. The filter works to prevent noise from fluorescent lights, certain dimmers, radio transmitters, and similar sources of "electronic pollution" from contaminating the AC line and from there, leaking into sensitive audio, video, or computer circuits.
In Depth
Models and Ratings
The RR Series is available in two models. RR-15 is for use with 120 volt AC lines, and is rated at 15 amps (or a total load of 1800 watts, combining all outlets). RR-15NL offers all the same protection and convenience features of the RR-15, but without the rack lights. RR-10E is is for use with 220 volt AC lines, and is rated at 10 amps (2200 watts). The RR-10E is supplied with IEC-320 outlets.

Circuit Breaker
For safety, a circuit breaker is provided on the rear panel. If the total load on the Power Conditioner (combining all outlets) exceeds the limit, the circuit breaker will trip. If this happens, it may be easily reset by pushing in the button. There is no need to replace fuses or carry spares.

For convenience in travelling, the Power Conditioner’s lamps may be pushed in, safely out of the way. When the rack is again ready to use, they pull out easily and may be aimed to provide the best illumination for your equipment. The unit comes supplied with 7 watt night-light bulbs. Cooler-running 4 watt bulbs or even colored Christmas tree bulbs may be substituted if desired. Replacements are readily available at most hardware stores or almost anywhere household light bulbs are sold. Bulbs are easily replaced without removing the unit from the rack by unscrewing the cap on the end of each light tube.

The Power Conditioner has a convenient master switch for the rear outlets which glows when the power is on. There is a separate switch for the lamps, which turns on by rotating the Rack Lights knob past the extreme counter-clockwise position.

Warranty Information
The RackRider RR-Series Power Conditioners are protected by a limited ninety (90) day warranty covering problems caused by manufacturing defects. Warranty service is provided by Furman Sound, Inc.

Item Number: Furman RackRider    24665 0-1
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Furman RackRider

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