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  Code Man. Name Description Price Buy
71475 Boss ES-8 Effects Switching System $699.00
21012 Carl Martin Combinator II Non-Midi Programmable Effects Switching System $685.30
67668 Carl Martin Octa-Switch MK3 Effects and Switcher Pedal $427.00
73288 Boss ES-5 Effects Switching System $399.00
66360 Palmer OCTOBUS 8-Channel Programmable Loop Switcher $359.95
74106 Radial JX-42 Guitar and Amp Switcher $349.99
41045 Radial Tonebone - Trimode Set up three channels of tone on a single-channel amp $299.99
62315 Pigtronix Keymaster Reamp Effects Mixer $275.00
31066 Radial Tonebone - Switchbone AB-Y Box Designed to Drive Two Guitar Amplifiers at the Same Time $259.99
31067 Radial Tonebone - Loopbone Insert Two Separate Pedal Effects Chains and Remove Them When Not in Use $259.99
40520 Radial Cabbone Speaker Cabinet Switcher Guitar Speaker Cabinet Switcher $259.99
3896 Roland US-20 GR GK-2A/GK-3 Unit Selector Pedal Switch $219.99
70128 Radial Relay Xo Balanced remote AB switcher $199.99
31068 Radial X-amp Active Re-amping Device $199.99
74080 Orange Amp Detonator ABY Buffered A/B/Y Switcher Pedal $179.00
69274 Carl Martin Pro Power Power Supply $172.20
61635 Radial Twin City Bones - A-B-Y Footswitch A-B-Y Footswitch $159.99
22045 Morley George Lynch Tripler switching device that allows one guitar to be routed to three amplifiers $99.00
62100 Morley ABC Selector Combiner Switch 3-Channel AB Selector/Combiner $90.99
41044 Radial BigShot AB-Y Passive Switcher Play 2 amps at once or switch between them $89.99
41046 Radial BigShot i/o Input Selector Switch between two guitars on the same amp $89.99
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