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Focusrite VRM Box

Headphones monitoring system, featuring VRM – Virtual Reference Monitoring

Product Code: 62913

We're sorry, this product is no longer available.

With VRM Box, you can mix in your studio, wherever you are. Pocket sized and built to last, VRM Box places Focusrite's proven and patent-pending VRM – Virtual Reference Monitoring – technology in a robust, palm-sized audio interface.

VRM overcomes the major obstacle for mixing with headphones by giving you multiple perspectives on your mix, as if you were listening through speakers. Indeed, noise levels from mixing through speakers can make it impossible for most to mix at home, especially late at night; with VRM, you can mix any time, anywhere. Using any pair of monitoring headphones, VRM lets you choose your mixing environment from a living room, a bedroom studio, or a professional studio. You then simply choose from a list of industry-standard studio monitors and speakers.

VRM Box delivers audio quality worthy of your headphones. Boasting a dynamic range of 108dB, it provides a sound that's more precise, with lower distortion, than other low-cost audio interfaces, and far superior to built-in laptop headphone outputs.

VRM Box functions as a high-quality 24- bit/48kHz USB audio playback interface. So, whether you're mixing, creating music or simply listening to tracks, VRM Box is perfect. What's more, there's no need for a power supply or batteries, because it gets all the power it needs, with full audio quality, from your computer's USB port. VRM Box also features a digital (S/PDIF) input, which supports sample rates up to 192kHz. This allows you to run it in conjunction with your Pro Tools HD system, or any other interface with an S/PDIF output.

Focusrite's patent-pending and proven VRM – Virtual Reference Monitoring – technology, lets hear your mix in different environments, through different speakers and from different positions, just using headphones. Enhanced mathematical room models combine with speaker emulations, sampled using a unique dynamic convolution ‘sampling' process.

Make the most of your headphones
With a dynamic range of 108dB (A-weighted), VRM Box provides a significant audio upgrade from low-grade laptop headphone outputs (which commonly only provide around 92 or 93dB), with an audio quality the equal of interfaces ten times its price.
In Depth
  • Mix in your studio, wherever you are. Focusrite's VRM - Virtual Reference Monitoring - lets you audition your mix in different environments, through different speakers, just using headphones.
  • Got Pro headphones? Get a Pro box. VRM Box provides a significant audio upgrade from low- grade laptop headphone outputs, with an audio quality the equal of interfaces ten times its price.
  • Pocket sized and built to last VRM Box is small enough to take with you, and durable enough for the road.
  • Pro Tools Native and HD friendly
  • High-quality audio playback interface Whether you're mixing, creating music or simply listening to tracks, VRM Box is the perfect playback interface for your digital audio software.
  • Mix on the fly VRM Box has no need for a power supply or batteries. It gets all the power it needs – with full audio quality guaranteed – from your computer's USB port.
    Single unit boxed .26" x 2.95" x 6.10"(L x W x H) Net Weight:0.28 lbs Gross Weight:0.83lbs
  • Slick volume control at your fingertips. VRM Box features a large flush volume dial that's easy to adjust when you need to, but not easily nudged if you don't.
  • Headphone Outputs (Outputs 1-2)
  • Output Impedance: < 10 Ω
  • Power output into 150Ω: 15mW
  • Power output into 50Ω: 30mW
  • THD+N: -100dB (0.001%) (-1dBFS input, 20Hz/22kHz bandpass Filter, 150Ω load)
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: > 105dB
  • S/PDIF Digital Input
  • Automatic Sample Rate conversion
  • Supported sample rates: continuous from 32kHz to 192kHz
  • THD+N: < -110dB any Sample Rate
  • Crosstalk (Channel Isolation)
  • Any output to output: > 100dB
  • D/A Dynamic Range: 120dB (A-Weighted)
  • Measured D/A Dynamic Range: 108dB (A-Weighted)
  • Clock Source: Internal Clock only Clock Jitter < 250 picoseconds
  • Supported Sample Rates: 44.1kHz & 48kHz
  • 2 input channels to computer: S/PDIF (2)
  • 2 output channels from computer: Headphones (2)
  • Connectors and Controls
  • Stereo S/PDIF input on RCA
  • Stereo Headphone Output on 1⁄4" TRS
  • Headphone Output Level control (Analogue)
  • 4-pin USB2.0 compatible socket
  • Indicators
  • 1 Green LED Indicator:
  • Flashing: Unit not installed correctly on host
  • Off: VRM effects turned off
  • On: VRM effects turned on
  • Power
  • Bus power from USB Bus
  • Operating System Requirements
  • Windows
  • XP (service pack 3), Vista, 7
  • Mac
  • OS X 10.5 Leopard (Intel only), OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard
  • Weight and Dimensions
  • Dimensions
  • Unboxed: 68mm x 25mm x 68mm (W x H x D)
  • Boxed: 155mm x 210mm x 75mm (W x H x D)
  • Weights
  • Net Weight: 123g
  • Gross Weight: 380g

Item Number: Focusrite VRM Box [vrmbox]    62913 0-0
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View all Focusrite products

Focusrite VRM Box [vrmbox]

Focusrite VRM Box&nbspLarge View Focusrite VRM Box&nbspTop View Focusrite VRM Box&nbspRear View Focusrite VRM Box&nbspFront, Rear and Screenshot

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