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Edirol SuperQuartet

Software Synthesizer - PC or MAC

Product Code: 8245

We're sorry, this product is no longer available.

The ultimate Plug-In Software Synthesizer set of four contemporary music instruments - Piano, Guitar, Bass, and Drums. Create your own exceptional sound with Super Quartet!!

The High Quality software synthesizer is equipped with a new sampling waveform and software synthesizer engine that generates amazing quality sound, ideal for new musical creation possibilities. Roland’s synthesizer technology is used to make expressive waveform of various kinds possible.

The software features dedicated control panels to easily customize the sounds. Each instrument has levels of variation tones that are useful for a wide variety of music.

Tone Variation Examples

Piano — Concert Grand, Upright, Electronic, Rock, etc.
Guitar — Nylon classic, Steel, Electronic Acoustic, Jazz, Clean, etc.
Bass — Wood, Finger, Picked, Fretless, etc.
Drums — Standard, Brush.

2 types of plug-in software synthesizers, DXi and VST Instruments
Up to 24-bit resolution and 96 kHz sampling rate performance
66 MB, huge wave memory (conforming to 16bit linear)
32 bit floating point signal processing
60 preset instrument sounds and 2 preset drum sets (User can add 384 variation sounds and 128 variation drum sets)
Unlimited sound expression tools to edit and save as user variation tone
High Quality reverb chorus/delay and part EQs
Up to 128-voice polyphony
Up to 16 part multi-instrument playback
Intel’s SSE, AMD’s 3D Now!, and PowerPC AltiVec optimized
Friendly user interface
Best combination with audio interface such as EDIROL’s DA-2496 and UA-5
Includes exceptionally well-produced original compositions. Learn techniques to maximize musical creativity on the HQ Software Synthesizer
In Depth

Microsoft Windows Me/98/2000 Professional/XP
128 MB RAM or more
100 MB of free hard disk space
Windows-compatible audio interface (24/16-bit stereo, 96/48/44.1kHz sampling rate)
CD-ROM drive
Recommended PC Processors

Win 2000: 700 MHz +, 800 MHz +
Win 98/98SE/XP: 800 MHz +, 1.0 GHz +


MacOS 8.6.1, 9.x
256 MB of RAM or more
100 MB of free hard drive space
Macintosh-compatible audio interface (24/16-bit stereo, 96/48/44.1 kHz sampling rate)
CD-ROM drive
Recommended Mac Processors

MacOS 8.6.1 +
450 MHz +

Item Number: Edirol SuperQuartet    8245 0-0
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Edirol SuperQuartet

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