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Edirol DV-7DL PRO SE

Digital Video Workstation - Studio Edition

Product Code: 32137

We're sorry, this product is no longer available.

The DV-7DL PRO SE contains fully advanced editing functions of Direct Linear. Various additional functions include Infinity Roll, Vari Speed, Advanced Title Effects and more.

Direct Linear editing is a hybrid of non-linear and linear editing. Focusing on creativity and productivity, a Direct Linear digital editing environment offers the unique timing and flow benefits that come from live switching or “linear” editing as well as the benefits of non-destructive or “non-linear” editing. Supporting a truly natural editing work flow, not unlike working with audio, a Direct Linear environment from EDIROL features an intuitiveness, ease of use and stability essential to an editing professional.

With a focus on creativity and productivity, Direct Linear editors from EDIROL bring outstanding stability, ease-of-use and expressiveness. They offer a world without loss or interruption that combines the feel of linear editing with the flexibility of non linear editing. A world where the edit comes first, where the feel is real.

The DV-7DL Series supports the pursuit of excellence in editing as a stand-alone machine. As a stand-alone machine, the DV-7DL Series offers no compromise in operation, high quality video, maximum expression and reliability. Benefits include professional, stress free, operation and timely results. Avoiding downtime and supporting creativity is the way to go.

Most operations can be done from a single menu! The world leading first Non-stop editing system makes it easy to edit your ideas while playing back the video. In addition, most of the operations can be made from a single user-friendly edit menu screen.

DV-7DL offers two title tracks, each supporting separate titles. You can also create a variety of titles by using the "Text" function that offers multiple fonts and styles: the "Graphic" function that offers a straight line, curved line, ellipse, and square formats; the "Background" function that offers your choice of background images; and the " Title in/out " function that sets the points of title in and out. Additionally, picture images and text can be imported using a memory card, CD-ROM, or PC. The Titler supports 16:9 wide screen mode.

Intuitive A/B Roll Editing is a key feature of Direct Linear where you can clearly feel the evolution of the Direct Linear concept.Two different video sources can be edited directly and simultaneously in 100% real time offering the live feel of linear editing.

Versatile expression from still pictures. Photos from a digital camera or still images imported directly from CD-ROM or card reader can brought to life. Transition between specified points in a photo, or zooming or panning to a point can be achieved. By making these movements sequentially, you can create a very natural and vivid movie or scene.
In Depth
Recording time
- Internal hard drive: Approximately 5 hours
- Optional external hard drive (DV-HD120): Approximately 9 hours

- DV (audio: 48kHz/32kHz) - Auto Split supported.
- S-Video/Video (composite)
- Audio (L,R/Mic/CD)
- Still Picture (CD/Memory card with memory card reader)

Edit tracks
- Video track x 2 (Main video & Insert video)
- Title track x 2
- Effect track x 1
- Audio track x 4 (Stereo)
- A/B Roll control track x 1 ( A/B Roll edit mode)

Edit Windows
- Time Line edit
- Story Board edit
- A/B Roll edit

Real time effects
- Dissolve
- Wipe
- Master Fade
- Color Correction (brightness,contrast, saturation, RGB level)
- Monotone
- Posterization
- Colorization
- Negative
- Double Exposure
- Realtime PinP
- Realtime Luminance Key
- Realtime Chroma Key
- Split Screen

Audio effects
- (4 band EQ, ALC/Compression, Delay, Limiter, Mixer, Reverb,Pro Reverb, RSS 3D effect, stereo spreader)

- Text Body: Fonts, Size, Color (Mono/Gradation/Texture), Transparency, Edge (Color/Level/Transparency)
- Edge: Anti-aliasing Processing
- Others: Draw Objects (10 types), Still picture capture, object alignment, 16:9 mode, Roll/Crawl setting with real time preview.

Special effects
- Page Turn
- Alpha Wipe
- Flight
- Rotation
- Zoom Flip
- Slide
- Stretch
- Cross Stretch
- Cross Zoom
- Swap
- Cross Mosaic
- Page Peel
- Diffusion
- Door
- Nostalgia
- Sepia
- Mosaic
- Blur
- Fish-eye
- Spot
- Animation
- PinP
- Chroma Key
- Luminance Key
- Crop
- Swing
- Slow Motion
- Fast Motion/Reverse Motion
- Strobe Motion
- Mirror
- After Image
- Zoom Pan

- Alteration of audio playback mode, Video data error correction, Hard disk error check, MTC/MMC support.

Video Signal
- NTSC (PAL available via special order)

Video format
- Video: IUT601(Y, Cr, Cb: 4:2:2:, 8bit)
- Audio: sampling rate 48kHz, resolution 16bit

Video input/output
- DV(i-Link) IN/OUT (4-pin IEEE1394 jack x 2,)
- S-Video input, mini DIN 4 pin x 1 (Y:1.0Vp-p, C:0.286Vp-p, 75ohm)
- Video (composite) input,
- RCA pin type x 1 (Y: 1.0Vp-p, 75ohm)
- S-Video output mini DIN 4 pin x 1 (Y: 1.0Vp-p, C:0.286Vp-p, 75ohm)
- Video (composite) output RCA pin type x 1
- (Y: 1.0Vp-p)

Audio input/output
- Audio input (L, R) RCA pin type x 1
- Audio output (L, R) RCA pin type x 1
- Mic input TRS balanced 1/4î phone type
- Headphones output (L, R) 1/4î type

Display output
- Analog RGB 1,024 x 768 (fixed), mini D-sub 15 pin

Memory device
- Internal hard drive 80GB.
- Removable hard drive bay (only for optional DV-HD series)

- PS/2 mini DIN 6 pin x 2 (ASCII keyboard and mouse).
- Remote connection USB1.1 x 4 (DV-7DLC controller, DL-CR1 card reader or optional Edirol MIDI devices).

- AC100V 120V/AC220V-240V (50/60Hz) switchable.

Power Consumption
- 90W

- Optical mouse (PS/2)
- Mouse pad
- AC cord
- DV cable (1.5m)
- Owner’s manual

- Width: 360 mm
- Depth: 420 mm
- Height: 130 mm
- Weight: 8.5kg
Item Number: Edirol DV-7DL PRO SE    32137 0-0
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Edirol DV-7DL PRO SE []

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