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CME Matrix Y

4-channel Headphone Amp with Unique Built-in Talkback Mic

Product Code: 41214

We're sorry, this product is no longer available.

The Matrix Y by CME isn’t just the perfect 4-channel headphone amplifier for your home project studio. It’s also got a unique talkback function that puts it a step ahead of every other headphone amp on the market and an extra set of outputs so you can stack multiple units to expand your system.

Each of the headphone outputs have their own individual level control so everyone in the studio sets the perfect listening volume for themselves. So what do you do if you have more than 4 people in your band or classroom? No problem because the Line Outputs on one Matrix Y can be connected to the Line Ins on another expanding your headphone system in groups of 4.

The unique built-in talkback Mic allows for easy communication between everyone wearing headphones. Simply push the talkback button and every one can hear you clearly because the Line In signal is automatically attenuated by 20 dB. No more pulling the headphones off after every take or talking too loud because you can’t hear yourself ! This simple to use yet powerful feature also make the Matrix Y a must have in many situations beside recording for example enjoying your favorite music together, band rehearsals or group lesson class room situations.

Anytime people need to listen to audio over headphones and still communicate with each other, the Matrix Y is the perfect solution.
In Depth
- High quality 4-channel powerful headphone amplifier
- Built-in professional talkback microphone
- Balanced stereo inputs and outputs for connections to external equipment and system expansion

- 4 x TRS (1/4") headphone jacks with powerful headphone amplifier for headphone at all impedance
- 4 separate headphone level knobs
- 1 talkback switcher, 1 LED indicator, when talkback is on the signal at line-in will be attenuated by 20dB
- 2 x TRS (1/4") line inputs, automatically compatible with balanced/unbalanced source (+4dB/-10dB), for external audio source
- 2 x TRS (1/4") line outputs, automatically compatible with balanced/unbalanced source (+4dB/-10dB), for external audio connection like monitor speakers

- Frequency response: 20Hz~20kHz +0.05dB, -0.35dB
- Noise level: -94.8dB
- Dynamic range: 94.7dB
- THD: 0.0028%
- IMD + Noise: 0.0069%
- Stereo crosstalk: -95.7dB
- IMD at 10 kHz: 0.027%

Item Number: CME Matrix Y [MatrixY]    41214 0-0
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View all CME products

CME Matrix Y [MatrixY]

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