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Bias Peak Pro 5 Academic

Mac OS X Audio Editing/Mastering Software with VST and AU Effects

Product Code: 31438

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No matter what kind of audio you’re editing - music, dialog, SFX® - you can’t go wrong with BIAS Peak, perhaps the world’s most popular stereo audio editing, processing, and mastering application for the Macintosh. From sound design to broadcast editing to music production complete with CD burning, Peak’s trademark simplicity and editing power does the job. Peak now offers full Audio Units effect support along with its VST capabilities. 25 VST plug-ins are included, plus the built-in ImpulseVerb convolution reverb and other DSP functions.

Powerhouse package with intuitive operation and pro features*
Peak’s user interface has always been refreshingly clear, with fast, intuitive graphic waveform editing (including the new Magic Pencil that eradicates pops and clicks). Plus, we (ahem) older engineers will appreciate the ability to resize toolbar buttons up to four times their original size - our tired eyes thank you! When it comes to file compatibility, Peak Pro can import and export in any of 14 formats, including MP3 and AAC. Built-in POW-r dithering makes sure that bit reduction is smooth and musical, and you can burn Red Book CDs directly from Peak Pro’s Playlist window or assemble your tracks with crossfades and gain adjustments for burning with the included Roxio Jam 6 software.

New Peak Pro 5 includes dozens of enhancements*
BIAS Peak Pro is now better than ever! New features include an advanced graphical Playlist, with fully Red Book-compliant (ISRC and Pq subcode editing) direct CD burning, CD-TEXT, Vbox 2.0 (now with AU and virtual instrument support), plus amazing sample-rate conversion, tempo, and pitch change tools. Your workflow will be more efficient thanks to custom Snap-To options, Auto-Define tracks, Strip Silence, automatic plug-in latency compensation, and many more improvements. The ImpulseVerb sample-based reverb includes over 230MB of sampled spaces. Peak Pro also features the new BIAS Freq version 2.0 EQ, BIAS Sqweez compressor/limiter, and 25 other VST plug-ins.

Great for creating dance loops and remixes*
From serious sound design for film, video, or multimedia, to rapid-fire broadcast editing, to music production limited only by your imagination, Peak Pro 5 does it better than anything else. Create unique dance loops and remixes. Optimize audio for Internet streaming. Dust off that pile of vinyl records and convert them to CDs, ultra-portable AAC (MP4) or MP3 files, or to just about any other audio file format on Earth. Craft soundtracks or fix audio problems for digital video. Maximize your music’s sonic quality - and then burn your own replication-ready audio CDs.

Peak Pro 5 includes SFX® Machine LT*
SFX® Machine LT adds even more sound design power to Peak Pro 5 by including 21 appropriately named presets from the popular SFX® Machine RT such as Multi-Vox 3, RoboTalk, BackwardsFragment 5, Jimi Echo, Triggered Wah+Dist, and more. A popular "Randomize" feature is also included and you may upgrade to the full edition of SFX® Machine at a discount. Combining SFX® Machine LT with Peak Pro 5’s already impressive DSP toolset offers a substantial benefit to both serious sound designers and casual users alike.

Bias Peak Pro 5 New Features:
Simultaneous document viewing with window tiling
Multithreaded processing and MP optimized
Unlimited Undo/Redo with graphic edit histories
Customizable display, key commands, tool bar
Read and write region, loop and reference markers
New BIAS Sqweez compressor/limiter plug-in
BIAS Freq v. 2.0 4-band paragraphic EQ
In Depth

Fastest and most powerful nondestructive and destructive sample accurate mono and stereo editing, processing, and CD mastering application for OS X

Simultaneous document viewing with window tiling

Multithreaded processing and MP optimized

Unlimited Undo/Redo with graphic edit histories

Customizable display, key commands, tool bar

Reads/Writes AIFF, SDII, QuickTime, MP3, MP4, WAVE, AU, Sonic AIFF, JAM Image, Raw, DDP (optional), and more

Supports built-in Mac I/O and Core Audio compatible hardware

Read and write region, loop and reference markers

Integrated DSP Toolset, including Fade In/Out, Normalize, Gain Envelope, Reverse, Invert, Harmonic Rotate, ultra-accurate POW-r dithering, Convolve, Mix, Change Pitch, Panner, Find Peak, Invert, Strip Silence and more

Professional 100% Red-Book CD Mastering playlist featuring advanced waveform views, crossfades, real-time effects, PQ sub-codes, ISRC, CD Text and more.

Ultra-high quality real-time and off-line sample rate conversion

Up to 32-bit/10MHz sampling rate, including 24-bit/96KHz

Advanced looping tools including the highly acclaimed Loop Surfer, LoopTuner, Crossfade Loop and Guess Tempo

AU and VST effects and instrument support with automatic latency compensation

Dozens of high-quality VST effects plug-ins free plus AU effects from OS X

Includes BIAS Sqweez compressor/limiter plug-in and BIAS Freq 4-band paragraphic EQ

Includes SFX® Machine LT plug-in with 21 real-time special effects

Advanced VST/AU plug-in routing matrix via integrated Vbox SE

Automated Repair Clicks and Remove DC Offset

ImpulseVerb applies real room ambiance, with over 150 included spaces

Integrated Batch Processor

Change Duration DSP with Tempo Envelope and Transient mode - high-quality time compression/expansion without affecting pitch or smearing attacks

Recording notepad and timer

Threshold function automatically divides files by amplitude

Trigger playback and cueing of up to 10 audio documents using Mac keyboard

Advanced QuickTime/DV support with sample accurate synchronization

Auto-Define Tracks - divides LP/Tape recordings into single tracks for easy CD burning, export to iTunes, and more

Use standalone or integrated as an external editor launched from Deck, Digital Performer, Live, Final Cut Pro, and others

Over 300MB of high-quality loops from PowerFX and Sound-FX-Design

Item Number: Bias Peak Pro 5 Academic    31438 1-1
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Bias Peak Pro 5 Academic

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