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Auralex Iso Producer Pack

MoPADS, GRAMMA & Aural Xpanders

Product Code: 21433

We're sorry, this product is no longer available.

1 set of Aural•Xpanders
1 - GRAMMA Amp Riser
1 set of MoPADs

What is the easiest and most inexpensive way to dramatically improve your recordings? The Auralex ISO Producer Pack!

The ISO Producer Pack gives you three of our most popular ISO Series products—MoPADS, GRAMMA & Aural•Xpanders—all in one box. It's the perfect combination for instantly optimizing sound in any recording or monitoring environment.

Carry a pack whenever you're working!
In Depth
A GRAMMA sound isolation riser shown under a Rivera Combo amp.

Xpander™ and Tri-Xpanders™ - Isolate your microphones during the recording process to eliminate external noise bleed and filter those undesirable external overtones.

This image shows the ability of MoPAD monitor isolation pads to angle your reference monitors at your ears.

Item Number: Auralex Iso Producer Pack [ISOPACK]    21433 0-1
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View all Auralex products

Auralex Iso Producer Pack [ISOPACK]

Auralex Iso Producer Pack&nbspProducer Pack Auralex Iso Producer Pack&nbspXpanders Isolate the Microphone during Recording Auralex Iso Producer Pack&nbspTri-XPanders Isolate the Microphone during Recording Auralex Iso Producer Pack&nbspMonitor Isolation Pads

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