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Ask Video The Studio Edge: Pro Audio Recording Series

Studio Concepts, Gear & the Physics of Sound DVD

Product Code: 64348

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These days more and more people are recording at home instead of going to professional studios. The technology involved has become so accessible that almost anyone can start up their own studio. While this means that there's more music out there than ever, it also means there's a lot more poorly produced music floating around. It's not enough to simply have the required equipment. You need to know how to use it!

The purpose of this series it to help you get a solid grounding in audio engineering and sound recording. In this first installment of The Studio Edge: Pro Audio Recording Series you will learn the fundamentals of sound engineering that are crucial to your success in the studio. Understanding the physics of sound and how to properly use things like compression will make all the difference in your recordings.

The tutorial's author, Jim Pavett, will give you a detailed overview on every aspect of the recording process, with hands on projects covering how to set up your monitors, how to handle phase issues, and how to properly place microphones. Although there is some theory involved everything is well explained, complete with hundreds of helpful visuals. Jim will take you through a complete journey of the fundamentals of audio recording.

Throughout the tutorial, Jim also gives opportunities for you to get out of your seat and get involved. Whether it's figuring out which frequency your hearing tops out at, or moving around the room to figure out the best place to put your monitors, there are tons of practical lessons to try out on your own. If you're starting to put together a studio and are feeling overwhelmed with everything around you, let us help you out by teaching you the fundamentals of audio so you'll never feel like an alien in your own studio again.

About Jim Pavett: With over 25 years of experience in the recording studio and owner of the commercial recording studio Allusion Studios in Tucson, AZ, Jim is a pool of knowledge on sound recording and engineering. He is skilled in all aspects of audio production, and with his degree in electrical engineering he understands the dynamics between the music and the equipment.

If you are interested in the all important aspects of pro sound recording in your home studio, then this DVD is for you!
In Depth
  • 92 Videos
  • Over 3 hours of professional instruction
  • Extremely high quality tutorial videos
  • Easy to use interface
  • Mac OS X & Windows compatible
  • Example files included.

    The Studio Edge: Pro Audio Recording Series:
  • 92 high quality professional videos
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Sound Wave
  • 3. Phase
  • 4. Things to Do: Phase"
  • 5. Frequency"
  • 6. Frequency Responce
  • 7. Sensitivity
  • 8. Sound in it's Environment
  • 9. Reality Check: Sound in it's Environment
  • 10. Things To Do: Sound in it's Environment
  • 11. The Model of a Recording System
  • 12. Reality Check – The Model of a Recording System
  • 13. Electronic Theory Basics
  • 14. Ohm's Law"
  • 15. Circuit Example 1
  • 16. Circuit Example 2
  • 17. Circuit Example 3
  • 18. Reality Check: Electronic Theory Basics
  • 19. Things to Do: Electronic Theory Basics
  • 20. Decibels and Meters
  • 21. Headroom
  • 22. Dynamic Range
  • 23. Frequency Response
  • 24. Reality Check: Frequency Response
  • 25. Specifications
  • 26. Knowing Your Equipment
  • 27. Components of a Console/Equipment Routing
  • 28. Things To Do: Signal Routing
  • 29. Digital Console
  • 30. Compressor / Limiters
  • 31. Reality Check: Compressor / Limiters
  • 32. Things To Do: Compressor / Limiters
  • 33. Expansion / Gate
  • 34. Things To Do: Expansion / Gate
  • 35. Delay
  • 36. Things To Do: Delay
  • 37. Flange
  • 38. Phase
  • 39. Chorus
  • 40. Reverb
  • 41. Things To Do: Reverb
  • 42. Equalizer
  • 43. Things To Do: Equalizer
  • 44. Studio Monitors
  • 45. Microphones
  • 46. Dynamic
  • 47. Condenser
  • 48. Ribbon
  • 49. Tube
  • 50. Microphone: Transient Response
  • 51. Microphone: Patterns
  • 52. Cardioid
  • 53. Omni
  • 54. Bi-directional
  • 55. Microphone Impedance and Options
  • 56. Microphone Placement
  • 57. Microphone Placement: Acoustic Instruments
  • 58. Microphone Placement: Electric Guitar and Bass
  • 59. Microphone Placement: Vocals
  • 60. Microphone Placement: Drums
  • 61. Things To Do: Microphone Placement
  • 62. Electronic Impedance and Levels
  • 63. Things To Do: Electronic Impedance and Levels
  • 64. Cabling and Connectors
  • 65. MIDI
  • 66. AES/EBU
  • 67. S/PDIF
  • 68. Toslink
  • 69. ADAT
  • 70. TDIF
  • 71. MADI
  • 72. BNC
  • 73. SMPTE
  • 74. MTC
  • 75. USB
  • 76. FireWire 1394
  • 77. Solder Technique
  • 78. Reality Check: Solder Technique
  • 79. Patch Bays
  • 80. Connection and Configuration
  • 81. Reality Check: Patch Bays
  • 82. Things To Do: Patch Bays
  • 83. Introduction to Digital Audio Theory
  • 84. Definition of Digital Audio
  • 85. A/D Conversion
  • 86. Reality Check: Digital Audio Theory
  • 87. Clocking Setups
  • 88. Computer Interfaces
  • 89. Computers
  • 90. Installing Computer Interfaces
  • 91. Creating Your Own Studio
  • 92. Putting It All Together

    System Compatibility:
  • This product includes QuickTime 7.x Mac/PC which is required for video playback. DVD-Rom drive required for Mac/PC DVD-ROM. Internet product registration required. Minimum screen resolution for DVD-ROM 1024 x 768. Internet connection for Downloadable tutorial and internet product authorization required - up to 3 computers. Authorization and De-Authorization permitted to allow moving tutorial to different computers.
  • PC: Windows XP Home or Professional, Intel Pentium or AMD Athlon 800 MHz or faster, 256 MB RAM. Windows MME or DirectSound Sound Card.
  • MAC: Requires Mac OS X v10.2 or higher, Power Mac G4 867 MHz, 256 MB RAM, Sound Card.

Item Number: Ask Video The Studio Edge: Pro Audio Recording Series [TSE-01]    64348 1-1
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Ask Video The Studio Edge: Pro Audio Recording Series [TSE-01]

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