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Arturia Brass 2 + EWI USB Bundle

Arturia Brass 2.0 and Akai Profesional EWI USB - Mac/PC

Product Code: 61262

We're sorry, this product is no longer available.

The Brass 2.0 + EWI USB Bundle is a winning combination of first-class brass sounds from Arturia plus Akai Professional's renowned EWI wind controller. Put the two together and you're ready to perform amazing wind parts into your favorite piece of computer recording software. Likewise, with the Brass 2.0 + EWI USB bundle and your laptop, you can hit the stage or practice room and perform unbelievable-sounding, expressive parts, without having to mic your instrument up or worry about being too loud. Included with Arturia's Brass 2.0 are physical models of trumpet, saxophone, and trombone. You won't believe the level of realism you'll get with the Brass 2.0 + EWI USB Bundle!

Realism is one thing, but Arturia's Brass 2.0 also opens up the doors to a new world of creative expression. Because the instruments are physically modeled, you're free to toy with instrument material to give your sound a new direction. Why not try out a wooden trumpet? After you've performed in the notes with your Akai Professional EWI USB, you can get tweaky by editing and adjusting the attack and vibrato however you see fit.

What drives the awesome Arturia Brass 2.0 + EWI USB Bundle combination, though, is the phenomenal EWI USB controller. With it, not only can you control the sounds in Brass 2.0 — but you're free to control any other plug-in or virtual instrument you own. That means you can perform synths, pianos, flutes, bass lines — anything you want — with just the EWI USB, performing and "playing" these instruments the way you already know how. The air-pressure level sensor and bite sensor help convey your every breath and nuance. You have to play it to believe it!

If you're interested in recording or performing realistic wind instruments, with all the benefits of software (easily recordable, no problems with stage noise, can edit individual notes after you perform them), then the Arturia Brass 2.0 + EWI USB Bundle is the perfect one-two punch for your studio or stage rig
In Depth
  • Includes Arturia Brass 2.0 virtual instrument and Akai EWI USB wind controller
  • Arturia Brass 2.0 works on both Macs and PCs and a VST, RTAS, or AU plug-in
  • Software gives you deep control over virtual trumpet, sax, and trombone
  • Experiment with virtual mic position to get the right sound for studio or stage
  • Akai Professional EWI USB wind controller offers a high level of expression
  • Controller connects to your computer via a convenient USB connection
  • EWI USB works with any MIDI-controllable virtual instrument
  • Controller includes a dishwasher-safe mouthpiece, a neck strap, a cleaning cloth, and a cable
Item Number: Arturia Brass 2 + EWI USB Bundle [brass2EWI]    61262 0-0
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View all Arturia products

Arturia Brass 2 + EWI USB Bundle [brass2EWI]

Arturia Brass 2 + EWI USB Bundle&nbspBundle Arturia Brass 2 + EWI USB Bundle&nbspBox View Arturia Brass 2 + EWI USB Bundle&nbspWind Controller Arturia Brass 2 + EWI USB Bundle&nbspArturia Brass 2.0

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