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  Code Man. Name Description Price Buy
45445 Adam Audio A3X Pair 2-way 4.5 inch Nearfield Monitors - Pair $758.00
45446 Adam Audio A5X Pair 2-way 5.5 inch Nearfield Monitors - Pair $1,098.00
45447 Adam Audio A7X Pair 2-way 7 inch Nearfield Monitors - Pair $1,498.00
45448 Adam Audio A8X Pair 2-way 8.5 inch Nearfield Monitors -Pair $2,198.00
66725 Adam Audio F5 Pair Two 2-way 5-inch Nearfield Monitors $549.98
66726 Adam Audio F7 Pair Two 2-way 7-inch Nearfield Monitors $899.98
1263 Audix PH5vs - Black 50 Watt Personal Studio Monitors (Pair) $279.00
44355 Audix PH5vs - White 50-watt Personal Studio Monitors (Pair) $279.00
65643 Audix PH3S Black Powered Speakers 3.5-inch 20W Stereo Pair $229.00
24088 Behringer TRUTH B2031A (Pair) High-Resolution, Active 2-Way Reference Studio Monitors Pair $399.99
24096 Behringer TRUTH B2030A (active) Powered Studio Reference Monitors (Pair) $299.99
27204 Dynaudio BM15A (active) Pair Powerful 2-way Active Nearfield Monitors with 10 inch Woofer (Pair) $3,399.99
32173 Dynaudio BM6 MKIII (active) Pair 150-watt 2-way Active Nearfield Monitors, 6.9 Inch Woofer (Pair) $1,799.98
32174 Dynaudio BM12 MKIII Pair Two Two-way Active Nearfield Monitors $2,459.98
65646 Dynaudio DBM50 2-channel 50 watt RMS Desktop Monitors $499.00
68347 Dynaudio BM5A MKII Pair Two Two-way Active Nearfield Monitors $1,459.98
44859 Event Opal (pair) 2-way 750-watt Active Monitors (pair) Includes Studio EQ System $2,999.00
64887 Fostex PM0.5 Pair White 70W 5-inch Active Nearfield Studio Monitor Speaker $289.00
71282 Fostex PM0.3 Pair Black 3-Inch 2-way Powered Monitor Speaker System $129.99
31649 JBL LSR4328 Pak Bi-amplified Studio Monitor System with 8-in Woofer, 1-in Tweeter, and DSP Room Mode Calibration (pair)   $1,558.00
31650 JBL LSR4326P Pak Bi-amplified Studio Monitor System with 6.25-in Woofer, 1-in Tweeter, and DSP Room Mode Calibration (pair)   $1,098.00
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