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  Code Man. Name Description Price Buy
21099 Fishman Rare Earth Blend Pickup Active Humbucking Pickup with internally mounted mic $309.95
32614 Fishman PRO-V40-OVI (V-400) Concert Series Viola Pickup $269.95
65433 Fishman Black Stack Larry's Garage Series Acoustic Passive Soundhole Pickup $249.95
32017 Barcus Berry B3150 String Bass Pickup String Bass Piezo Transducer and Pre-Amplifier $249.95
32018 Barcus Berry 3125 Cello Pickup Cello Piezo Transducer Pickup & Preamp $249.95
32615 Fishman C-200 Concert Series Cello Pickup Concert Series Cello Pickup $239.95
70664 Fishman M-400 Nashville Series Flat-top Mandolin Pickup Mandolin Replacement Pickup $239.95
70668 Fishman M-300 Nashville Series Archtop Mandolin Pickup Mandolin Pickup $239.95
M27823 Fishman Ellipse Matrix Blend Mic & Bridge Pickup - Integrated Onboard Blending, Easy Install Click for Options
70667 Fishman Nashville Series Spider-style Resophonic Pickup Nashville Series Spider-style Resophonic Pickup $209.95
32598 Fishman V-300 (Pro-V30) Concert Series Violin Pickup $209.95
32096 Fishman Banjo Pickup Professional Banjo Pickup $199.95
40289 Fishman M200 Mandolin Pickup Archtop Professional Mandolin Replacement Maple Bridge Pickup $199.95
77278 Martin Thinline Gold Plus VT2 Under-saddle Acoustic Pickup System with Volume and Tone Controls $199.95
77542 EMG KH-BB Set Kirk Hammett Bone Breaker Signature Pickup Set $199.00
77136 Martin Thinline Gold Plus VTI Soundhole-Mounted Acoustic Pickup for Small Body Guitars $189.00
4746 Fishman Rare Earth Pro Humbucking Soundhole Pickup Humbucking Soundhole Pickup $169.95
43474 Fishman Matrix Infinity - Wide Undersaddle Acoustic Guitar Pickup $159.95
43475 Fishman Matrix Infinity - Narrow Undersaddle Acoustic Guitar Pickup $159.95
40290 Fishman M100 Mandolin Pickup M-100 Professional Mandolin Pickup $159.95
21931 Fishman C-100 Cello Pickup Pro Cello Pickup $159.95
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