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Guitar Cabinet Simulator and DI Box

Product Code: 65986

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Turn any full-range passive or powered monitor speaker or sound system into a dynamic guitar cabinet, loaded with your choice of drivers.

The new ADA GCS-2 is an easy-to-use guitar cabinet simulator in a small, rugged package designed for guitar players and sound engineers who are looking for high quality analog solutions for live sound reinforcement systems, stage monitors and recording electric guitar.

The new ADA GCS-2 is ideally suited for live performance and studio applications. A unique feature of the GCS-2 is that it replicates the low frequency natural resonance of a guitar speaker cabinet at loud volumes, which is especially noticeable in the SEALED CABINET configuration.

The GCS-2 is inserted between the output of your preamplifier (or effects pedal chain) and a mixing or recording console to replace the close proximity microphone that is typically used to mic a guitar speaker cabinet. This eliminates the problem of bleed through or crosstalk from other instruments or amplifiers in live situations. The GCS-2 is especially useful for owners of our APP-1 guitar pedal preamp because it can split the output of the APP-1 for sending the signal to a guitar amplifier and to a mixing console for recording, house sound systems and stage monitor systems.

We have tested the GCS-2 in live performances by sending a feed to a stage monitor for the guitarist and eliminating the combo or head with stack. The same feedback that you get from a stack or a hot-rod combo can easily be produced in the monitor, and interestingly, with more control.
In Depth
  • Pure Analog Circuit Design using thru-hole, low-noise components
  • Powered by a single industry standard 9-volt AC Adapter, but runs internally at 18 volts for high headroom and lower noise
  • ¼" phone jack INPUT with a direct, un-buffered PASS THROUGH ¼" phone jack. This effectively splits the signal to feed both a guitar amplifier and a mixing console
  • Balanced Output with switchable LINE or MIC LEVEL Output and GROUND LIFT for Pin 1
  • Rugged all-steel chassis
  • Manufactured in California

  • Selectable VINTAGE (Jensen alnico) or MODERN (Celestion / Eminence ceramic) Speaker Character
  • Selectable 10" or 12" Speaker Size. Effects the bottom response and mid-range coloration.
  • Selectable OPEN BACK or SEALED Cabinet Type. This feature sets the GCS-2 apart from other cabinet simulators due to the NATURAL RESONANCE filters at the low-end that resonate or "ring" like a real sealed cabinet or "flap" like older open back cabinets.
  • Variable MICROPHONE PLACEMENT Control "positions" the mic to tailor the low and high frequencies of a real speaker in the same way a sound engineer would by moving a microphone near the edge or the center of the speaker. As recording engineers will tell you, the microphone placement is the key to achieving the right tonal spectrum for a given track and can make or break the quality of your solos and chording.

Item Number: ADA GCS-2 [GCS2]    65986 4-4
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